The Birthdate Book Is the PERFECT Gift for the Horoscope-Lover in Your Life

Last year, I became obsessed with Birthdate Co. and their highly personalized Birthdate Candles.

Not only do their candles have unique astrological information for every day of the year, but each of the 366 birthdays represented has its own unique scent. Though I've long since burnt through the rose, neroli and water lily candle associated with my birthday, I still keep the glass container on my desk as a handy star guide to my special day.

When I found out that Birthdate Co. was at it again this year with a fabulous new product, I couldn't be more excited. 2020 has brought their Birthdate Book, an entirely personalized book containing a reading of individual star charts. I reached out to the company, who generously provided me with a Birthdate Book of my own—and just in time for my birthday.

The Book

The Birthdate Book is a volume that reveals the ins and outs of your astrological birth chart, all fully personalized for you based on the time, date and location you were born. It includes more than 70 pages of horoscope readings and interpretation specific to you, not only covering your sun, moon and rising signs, but it also goes into the Venus, Mars and Mercury signs that most top-level readings tend to omit. The book sells for $90 and every copy is made to order, shipping in approximately two weeks. Plus, if you get one for someone as a gift, you can also include a personalized dedication to them.

Birthdate book cover


The Contents

Right from the start of receiving my unique Birthdate Book, it was clear that this was a beautifully crafted book, with a fabric hardcover and gorgeous gold detail in the cover. It's clear that this is a quality product, and there's no mistaking it's mine from the front, as it also includes my fabulous birth chart in detail.

The book begins with an overview of what astrology is and how it works. Basically, if you're only looking at your star sign, you're missing so much of the bigger picture. Instead, truly understanding yourself begins with knowing how all of the signs you were born under govern your life and destiny. This book reveals the six primary signs outlined by your natal chart, and also includes a key to understanding your natal wheel on the cover.

One thing I adore about the book is that it doesn't just dive into my Sagittarius sun sign, but reveals what a sun sign truly means. According to the book, the sun sign answers the biggest questions you have about life, and while it doesn't completely define you, it's often a good shorthand when it comes to determining personality.

For example, I'm a Sagittarius, but I've never felt like a proper bold and adventurous Sagittarius. I'm mostly an introverted homebody, and I've never been one to break the rules much. Until a while ago, this didn't make any sense to me. But that changed when I became more familiar with the other aspects of my astrological chart, including my Pisces moon sign. The moon sign is said to represent your emotions and inner mood, and I've discovered the traits I observe in myself much better suit this dreamy, intuitive and creative sign.

Birthdate book Sagittarius

(via Birthdate Co.)

On the other hand, there are elements of Sagittarius that perfectly suit me. I've always felt that I've had particularly good luck, and though sometimes I feel like things just fall into my lap, I'm then to be reminded of the hard work and dedication I actually put into making those things happen. Humor is very important to me, and I can be incredibly restless when I don't have a creative outlet. I'm also a generally optimistic person, believing that things will work out for the best in the end, even when I'm in a sticky situation.

I was particularly excited to read up on the moon sign section of the book, as that's what I've always been drawn to. The moon can reveal a person's secrets, strengths and tendencies, and this book describes it as the core of your being. Pisces is a water sign, and so it makes sense that it might temper the flame of my fiery Sag sun sign.

According to the book, my Pisces moon sign indicates my curiosity, and that I might be eccentric. I'm intuitive, but my emotions sometimes get in the way of me making the right choices, and self-expression is critical to my happiness. I may also be disorganized—which I've taken some big strides in my life to fix! Pretty much every word there fit me to a T.

Next, it was time to look at my rising sign—Leo, which I've never exactly associated with. This book states that the rising sign can be the traits that people notice about you first, and reflect how the world sees you, rather than how you actually see yourself. Perhaps that's why I struggle to pinpoint these traits within me.

The Leo ascendant comes with a sense of authority, humor and charm over others. It can also come with a superiority complex—which I'll admit might be slightly accurate from time to time. I also tend to form strong bonds with like-minded people. I usually associate the sign with boisterousness, drama and extroversion, so I was surprised to see this was actually a fit.

It was also fascinating to learn about some of the other signs in my chart that you don't typically hear about. The Mercury sign has to do with intelligence and communication. With my Mercury in Sagittarius (the same as my sun sign), my communication is marked with optimism, happiness and a joke always close at hand. Apparently, I can use my gift for communication to uplift others. I am a writer, so I feel like I'm already doing that!

The Venus sign corresponds with beauty and your aesthetic sense. With my Venus in Capricorn, the book says that I'm not one to fall for trends. In terms of fashion, this is 100% true. I wouldn't exactly call my style "classic" as indicated, but it also hasn't changed much over the year. I like what I like, and I stick with that. I'm also discerning, with my own plan for how my life will play out, with much room for diversions.

Last but not least, there's the Mars sign, which influences your passions and motivation. With my Mars in Scorpio, it says I'm a person whose new ideas and desires will change constantly, and that I have to be careful about indulging my emotions if they're not in service of finding the truth. Honestly, I didn't find much I could disagree with, there.

Finally, the book concludes with a list of people who share your specific birthday (my birthday twins included Walt Disney and Little Richard) as well as those born under your star sign in general. It then includes a few parting words, and a place for notes, in case you make any major discoveries along the way.


Bottom Line

All in all, if you're curious about learning more about yourself while getting a detailed reading of your birth chart, and you like the aesthetic of the book in general, I couldn't recommend Birthdate Book enough. It's an incredible-looking book that'll capture attention on any bookshelf or coffee table, and it's incredibly insightful—especially for those who don't necessarily associate with their zodiac sign.

Of course, you're not going to get as in-depth of an experience with this book as you would with a real astrologer. It's not going to make any predictions for you, and the aspects of your chart are kept separate, so it doesn't say anything about how your different signs work in tandem with one another. However, most detailed astrology readings also cost more than the $90 of this book, and chances are that your friends and family are going to prefer this book over the messy pages an in-depth reading typically entails.


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