Birthdate Candles Use Astrology to Craft the Perfect Scent for Every Birthday

As much as I adore burning candles, I sometimes find that my favorite scents wind up feeling a bit generic.

I love the idea of fragrances that feel unique and personal, which is exactly why Birthdate Candles caught my eye when I spotted them on Instagram. These hand-crafted candles feature unique scents inspired by the particular qualities of those born on each specific day of the year. I knew I had to check them out, and was thrilled when they agreed to send me a Dec. 5 candle for review to help me celebrate my own birthday. I also thought it would be apt to publish it today.

The Product

Birthdate Candles use astrology, numerology and tarot to create a unique birthday candle for each and every day of the year. The hand-poured candles are made with a coconut and soy wax blend, and feature a scent tailored to suit the spirit of the traits associated with the day featured on the candle. On top of smelling amazing, the labels also contain great information about the day, revealing the burner's personality in detail and describing the meanings of the tarot card, ruling number and ruling planet for that birthday. Each candle lasts for 60 to 80 hours of burn time and costs $38.

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The Experience

As soon as my Birthdate Candle arrived, I knew I had to take a deep dive and start reading up on everything it had to say about me. While I'm not a strict believer or follower of astrology, I do find it fun to read about myself and see how accurate it all is.


According to the front of the candle, Dec. 5 is the "The Day of Directors." It also lists my sign (Sagittarius), my decan, my ruling number and my ruling planet of Jupiter before listing off strengths and weaknesses. According to the candle, I'm elect, coordinating and successful, but also nosy, naïve and unrealized. I didn't find those descriptions to be too inaccurate, and I liked the idea of being some kind of chosen one.


The back of the candle had even more literature for me. The top states that, "Those born on December 5 express their vision with confidence and clarity." I don't like to toot my own horn, but I like to think that's pretty spot-on.

Below that was an incredibly detailed, and even more precise, description of me. It described me as creative and good at planning and management, which, as a project manager and writer, would seem like the right traits to possess. It also said that I like to share what I know with others, which is also true—particularly when I get to be a bit of a know-it-all.

It went on to say that I have good luck, but should also be careful not to tempt fate and play with fire too much, and that because I'm optimistic, I might not see potential dangers in my actions. While I agree that I sometimes get weirdly lucky, I'm typically also a pretty careful person. The last line reads: "December 5 people might also want to cultivate pragmatism, self-sufficiency and calm." I hope that that's exactly what I've been doing.

At the very bottom of the back of the candle, it also tells me more about my tarot card (the spiritual Hierophant) and my ruling planet and number. The amount of detail contained on the candle is incredible, and I loved that it felt like it was mostly describing me. The fact that there are 366 of them (counting Leap Day) with this amount of specificity and care in the writing is something really special.

But the moment of truth came when it was time to finally light the candle. It's scented with rose, neroli and water lily, so I expected a delicate floral scent—and, thankfully, it was exactly what I anticipated. The light, flowery fragrance reminded me of perfume-y honeysuckle, and I've loved burning it at home. In the office, it also seemed delicate enough not to bother anyone. The scent is soothing and uplifting all at once. I don't know if it's the perfect match for my birthday, but it's certainly the perfect match for me. And after burning the candle for more than 12 hours, there's still plenty to go.



Bottom Line

I'm obsessed with my Birthdate Candle, and I'm delighted that the scent and all of the wording along its label feels exactly right for me. Of course, I've only experienced my own candle so far. I'm sure there will be folks who will find their description inaccurate, or who wind up not loving the scent they've been matched with. If you detest horoscopes and astrology, I bet you'll also find this candle pretty silly. Still, I can't find a fault with my candle, and you could do a lot worse than $38 for something that feels this sweet and special.


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