Your Birthday: Expectations vs. Reality

Growing up, your favorite day of the year is hands-down your birthday.

Not only does it come along with a plethora of treats and presents, but everything is about you and only you on your b-day.

While this day is still super special, we have to admit that it comes paired with a pretty high level of expectation. And TBH, the birthday reality isn't as sparkling as our imaginations would like to believe.

Continue reading to get your birthday balloon expectations popped by some pretty unhappy realities:


The Morning: Expectation

The moment you wake up is when your birthday begins. And because you have the most doting, adorable parents, your special day kicks off with breakfast in bed. Yes, it's your special day, which means that pancakes shaped like hearts or Mickey ears are about to be served with a healthy dose of syrup. It seems as though somehow the light is just shining brighter this morning.

Marie Antoinette being pampered

(Marie Antoinette via Sony Pictures)


The Morning: Reality

So it's still dark out, cool. Whether or not you're the first one to wake up doesn't really matter because no one is getting up early to make you breakfast in bed. Sure, it's your birthday, but it's not like you're a kid or anything. Your family members may throw some "Happy Birthdays" in your direction, but the fact of the matter is that you're having a granola bar for breakfast again because you're too groggy to make this morning eventful.


The Birthday Wishes: Expectation

Everyone at school knows it's your birthday because who can forget such an important date? It would practically be like forgetting which date Valentine's Day falls on! Your classmates stop you to shout out birthday wishes during passing period which makes you feel super special. Even your teachers know that this day is special, and some of them give you a pass on the evening's homework. After all, you'll be too busy celebrating with your family to complete worksheets and research reports.

Raven gets big hug from friends

(Raven's Home via Disney Channel)


The Birthday Wishes: Reality

Most people only realize it's your birthday when they get a notification on Facebook. Aside from your group of best friends, the only bday wishes you're getting today will be in cyberspace. Sure, your wall may fill up with "HBD"s and balloon emojis galore, but it just isn't the same as getting that face-to-face recognition that shows people are happy you were born.


The Locker Decorations: Expectation

It goes without saying that your friends are going to transform your locker with an adorable assortment of birthday decorations. Everyone on campus will know that today is your special day because of the cute aesthetic emanating love and happiness from your locker. Because it's your day, you also won't have to worry about cleaning your space up because your friends are going to see this tradition through.

Glamorous birthday balloons

(via Shutterstock)


The Locker Decorations: Reality

It's really flattering to find that your besties have done up your locker with balloons, pictures, streamers and more, but in reality this celebratory decor is more of a nuisance than anything else. It's likely you'll have to carry your balloons around all day long which gets old really fast—for you and your teachers. You'll have a difficult time putting things in and taking things out of your locker as long as these decorations get in the way. Oh, and don't even think about going home before cleaning it all up because you'll have an even bigger mess on your hands tomorrow.


The Social Media Announcement: Expectation

Aside from the locker decorating, your best friends have another job to accomplish today which is sending out a social media announcement about their beloved friend's birthday. Your BFF writes the sweetest IG caption that annotates your entire friendship while filling all ten carousel photo slots. Your S.O. probably keeps it simple with one gorg photo of you and a short but sweet line about how much they love you. Ahh yes, you do feel like a princess today.


The Social Media Announcement: Reality

Your bestie goes with a really goofy picture of you that you probably didn't want the entire world (wide web) to see. Or, worse, they post a photo of the two of you from a recent event that celebrated her, perhaps a photo from her last birthday, as if to remind everyone on social media that today may be your day, but you aren't the queen of the world or anything.  And, to be honest, you really expected more of your friends to get in on this bandwagon.

Aria looking at her phone in shock

(Pretty Little Liars via ABC Family)


The Presents: Expectation

Your friends and family know you so well that they've bestowed you with the perfect gifts tailormade to your tastes. You've got the fandom-related gifts, the tasty treats made from scratch and of course the makeup kit you've had your eye on for some time now. While you love the gifts, it makes you even happier knowing how well your loved ones know you.

Dudley's birthday presents

(Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone via Warner Bros.)


The Presents: Reality

Now that you're getting older, the gifts are getting much smaller. And might we add… a little on the practical side. Of course we're grateful for every gift we receive, but does a new set of toiletries really say, "Birthday"? Not only do the gifts fly under the radar at home, but you're also at the age where friends stop bringing gifts to your party. No one knows why we stopped giving gifts after middle school, but someone out there started a trend that we're not ready to get behind.

The Extended Relatives Money: Expectation

It's that wonderful time of the year that your extended relatives celebrate your birth with cards upon cards filled with money. Grandma and Gramps always send the most, of course, but your favorite aunts and uncles are always reliable with a sizable donation or even a nifty gift card to your fave shops. Of course you'll send thank you letters because they really are too kind.

Black-ish Jack and Diane throwing money in the air

(Black-ish via ABC)


The Extended Relatives Money: Reality

Sure, when you were a kid it was super exciting to open up a corny card to reveal a magical green slip of paper with Andrew Jackson's face on it, but now that we're older, a $20 doesn't go nearly as far and it's a little disappointing. It seems as though everyone else's relatives (especially grandparents, amirite?) serve up the big bucks for birthdays. But, alas, not yours.


The Dinner: Expectation

Whether your parents cook up your favorite meal or you partake in tradition by going out to your annual birthday restaurant, tonight's food is just another way of celebrating you. All of the stops are pulled out for this one, including, but not limited to, a massively delicious cake at the end of the feast. You'll doubtlessly snap photos of the event in which the whole family is filled with good food and happy times.

Girl Meets World, Maya's birthday

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


The Dinner: Reality

Well, for one, your brother is at some sports practice and your mom is stuck at work. Sure, everyone wanted to be together for your big birthday dinner but you just can't reason with life. You're probably feeling a little old to go to one of those cheesy restaurants that makes you wear some type of oversized hat to snap a photo that'll go down in the books of humiliation for all of eternity. You want to put a smile on your face because you know everyone's doing the best they can on a weeknight, but how many times do you have to say that you don'like fruit in your cake before someone bothers to remember??


The Birthday Song: Expectation

All eyes are on you while your group of loved ones harmonize their happiness for your birthday. With the lights dimmed and a set of candles under your chin, your face is absolutely glowing while friends snap cute birthday pics of your bashful smile. This is def going to be a grammable moment.


The Birthday Song: Reality

No one, we repeat, no one likes to have "Happy Birthday" sung to them in front of a crowd. It's embarrassing, it's entirely too long and it's way too much attention for anyone to handle. What's worse is when they go the extra mile to include all of those "many more's" at the end of the song. Don't even get us started with the cha cha cha's. Additionally, it may just be physically impossible for anyone to sing this song in tune.

Rory getting sung "Happy Birthday"

(Gilmore Girls via Warner Bros. Television)


The Party: Expectation

You obviously throw the party of the year… that goes without saying. But the best part of your party is that your crush showed up and he or she may just have a present that can't be wrapped up in a box. That's right, a birthday smooch from your crush is the cherry on top of an already perfect night. Food, friends and flings, what more could a girl want??

Sixteen Candles bday celebration with crush

(Sixteen Candles via Universal Pictures)


The Party: Reality

Well, most of your friends showed up. The ones who were still in town at least. Whether you have a summer birthday or one that falls close to a major holiday, the stars just don't align for your magical party. For whatever reason, gifts weren't the only thing that your guests came baring because there is so much drama at this bash you may as well be in MTV's My Super Sweet 16. Ugh, that's right, your birthday just put the reality in reality television.


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