What the Full Moon of Your Birthday Month Symbolizes

Every month comes along with its own unique "thing." April has showers, May brings flowers and November through January are all about holidays.

But each month has another unique quality that you may not have known about, especially because it can be found way up in space.

The moon means many things for us little earthlings, from the ebb and flow of our tides to the transformation of human into werewolf… to the ever changing phases.

The full moon is always a sight to take in, but did you know that each month's full moon has its own name as inspired by the changes that occur down on Earth?

Continue reading to find out what your birthday month full moon symbolizes, and how you can interpret that meaning into your own life:

January: Wolf Moon

January's full moon is named for the cold, dark days of winter, which brings along the howling of wolves in the hills. Of course, we may not be as in-tuned with canine nature as our ancestors who named the moon were, but this moon is still the perfect opportunity to remind us of challenges that face any new year. It's time to wipe the slate clean and start over fresh… all while being privy to the obstacles that may stand in our way.

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February: Snow Moon

January may be in the midst of winter, but February is when the days are typically at their coldest. This month's full moon symbolizes the dark days of the season in which supplies have been depleted, but it also signals the beginning of spring and the transition into rebirth. On a more personal note, the symbolism of this full moon can mean a new beginning and a hunger for opportunities not yet reached.


March: Storm Moon

The month of March is quite an unpredictable one. For some, the winter snow is thawing and for others the storm is still brewing. Another name for this full moon is the Worm Moon (not quite as eloquent, is it?) and symbolizes the beginning of spring as earthworms peek through the ground in search of sunlight. For you, this month is a tumultuous one. However, while it may begin as a tempest, it is likely to end with smooth sailing.


April: Pink Moon

April's full moon may just be our picture-perfect aesthetic. The name was given to this month as a reflection of the springtime meadows that fill with pink flowers throughout April. While the flowers may bloom during this time, the moon for you can symbolize your ability to contribute to the world around you. Whether you're spreading knowledge, lending a hand or simply putting in your best effort, this month is all about extending yourself and experiencing results.


May: Flower Moon

May's full moon is called so because the season is in full swing and what has been planted is now in total bloom. This month is closely connected to the feminine energy which means that your girl power is in full vibration. This is the moon of abundance. It's time for you to enjoy the labors of your hard work and indulge yourself with a little luxury. After all, you've worked so hard to attain the bounty in front of you!


June: Strawberry Moon

Quite literally, June's Strawberry Moon refers to the prime picking of strawberries during this month. But more spiritually, another name for this full moon is the Strong Sun Moon and symbolizes the summer solstice. This is a time when we feel most connected to our inner power. During this month's moon, you may be most inclined to find balance and patience, all while letting go of the things that no longer improve your life. It's a full moon of connection—and, yes, celebration.


July: Buck Moon

The "buck" of July's full moon refers to deer who begin to grow their antlers during this month. While that has a pretty literal connection to the month of July, this moon also symbolizes a grace period after the labors of spring and before the hard work of fall and winter (aka holiday season) in which it's okay to sit back and relax. The days are getting hot, hot, hot and it's time to lean into those long days with some good old fashioned R&R.


August: Corn Moon

Some say Corn Moon, others say Sturgeon or Dispute Moon for the birthday month of August. But what all of these names reference is a transition from summer into fall. The Corn Moon meant that August was a month in which corn was planted for the upcoming season. In this regard, you could apply it to your own life by setting a foundation for the future. This could mean planning for the new school year early (hello summer reading list). In terms of the Dispute Moon, many believed that this full moon represented a time to settle disputes in order to obtain a peaceful and quiet winter ahead.


September: Harvest Moon

It's time to harvest all of that planning from August during this month's full moon. This moon was often associated with the time to pick crops but for us it can symbolize the closing of a chapter. Whether a goal has been met or a plan has been actualized, we're celebrating the ending of one phase and the beginning of another.


October: Hunter Moon

For our ancestors, October was a time for stocking up on meat for the winter. For us, the Hunter Moon can more closely represent a time period in which we spring into action. The cold season is among us and that means we have to prepare now so we can sit back and enjoy later. Whether you get an extra-early head start on holiday prep or you plan your school work around breaks and deadlines, this month for you is all about strategy.


November: Mourning Moon

November means that fall is in full swing, and with fall comes the annual death of nature. This full moon allows us a time to reflect on things we've lost or let go of in the recent past. The days are getting shorter which means that the dark of night gives us more time to think and cope. While this may seem like a depressing time of the year, with it comes a great deal of strength. Everything's in transition, and while change can be hard, it usually comes paired with profound meaning. You'll probably leave this month feeling charged, revitalized and restored.


December: Cold Moon

Yep, the days are colder than before and the nights shorter than ever. While the chill of winter sheds a solemn blanket over nature, this full moon also represents a time for celebration. The winter solstice means that the outdoors may be cold but warm fires burn within. Use this full moon to bring outer celebratory cheer within as the new year, new me attitude is upon us. Dive inward to begin setting intentions for the upcoming year.


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