How You Feel About Your Birthday, Based on Your Birth Month

Not all birthdays are equal.

Your opinion about your birthday is influenced greatly by the time of year you were born. Summer birthdays can be the polar opposites of winter ones. Don't believe us? Scroll down to your birthday month to see how right we are.


If you were born in January, chances are that you see your big day as a mixed bag. While you're invigorated by celebrating your birthday along with a new year and new beginnings, you don't love it when people skimp on the gifts because they just bought you ones for the holiday. And while you do enjoy getting some well-deserved time off during your birthday month, it stinks that no one is ever around to celebrate with you because of winter vacation. Did we mention January is too cold to celebrate anything outdoors?

SpongeBob and Patrick celebrate Squidward's birthday

(SpongeBob SquarePants via Nickelodeon)



February babies love their birthdays more than most. While the couples in your life might be a little distracted, your single friends will be more than happy to forget all about Valentine's Day and dedicate time to throwing you an awesome party instead. It also comes at a time when everyone has given up on their New Year's resolutions, so they'll be able to eat all the cake they want with you. Though it's usually freezing during your birthday, you don't mind too much, because you know the day is a sign that spring is just around the corner.




March birthdays don't always live up to the expectations you have for them. While you anticipate the beginning of spring to bring warmth and sunshine, the weather absolutely can't seem to make up its mind, making it tough to make any real plans. Plus, everyone seems distracted by tests and school, and spring break never seems to coincide with your special day. At least once the holidays are over, you always have something to look forward to while everyone else is pining for summer.



If you were born in April, chances are that you love your birthday because it means that spring has truly sprung. Everyone else has a good association with your birthday, too, because they relate it to the sun shining and the flowers blooming. Your birthday occasionally coincides with spring break, which means plenty of time off to celebrate—even if that means not everyone will be around to party it up with you.



Optimistic May babies can always anticipate that their birthdays will be as awesome as they've imagined. Even though spring has just started, May kids see their birthday as summertime. They seize the opportunity to celebrate outside and take advantage of the great weather—and the days are longer so they can keep the party going longer, too. They tend to look on the bright side of things, so even if something goes wrong, they pay it no attention.




June birthdays mean summertime is officially here, and June babies cherish that. They love having a birthday at the beginning of the break, where everyone is off of school but no one has left for vacations yet. Of course, there are also the early birthdays that may conflict with finals and graduation, but resourceful June kids know how to work around that.



A July birthday means freedom. You'll never have to worry about being in school for your birthday, and you can essentially transform your big day into a summer-long celebration all about you. Of course, not being in school does make it harder to coordinate with everyone at school, making it extra daunting to text your crush out of the blue to invite them. Still, you'll be alright celebrating with just your closest friends by your side.

Harry Potter's birthday cake

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August babies know that it is the chillest month to have a birthday. You're only obligated to invite your closest friends to celebrate, because you haven't seen anyone else since school ended, and you get to celebrate it entirely your way. You can have an outdoorsy party because the weather is warm, or something inside if you're not into the heat. You know there's tons of potential in an August birthday and that your job is to unlock it.



If you were born in September, you don't know what it means to dread back-to-school season because your birthday is right around the corner. The weather has started to cool down just enough to make it glorious outside, and you have the first birthday of the school year (which is also the most exciting birthday all year). After summer break, everyone is eager to get back into celebration mode, so they jump at the opportunity to make yours a great birthday. You love being a star for a day.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Pearl holding a bouquet of flowers, wearing a cape and tiara

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October babies love Halloween like no other, and the fact that they're allowed to turn their birthdays into costume parties fills them with glee. Dressing up and trying on a new persona is just their style, and they wouldn't change their birth month for the world. The timing also means that fall is back in full swing, meaning the weather is cool, the style is fashionable and the candy is abundant.



If you were born in November, you actually love that your birthday gets combined with Thanksgiving. It's the perfect weather for bundling up in your coziest outfits, and you get to celebrate with your family and friends. Plus, you can have an extremely decadent birthday dinner, since all of the best holiday foods are in season. Best of all, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, but pre-holiday present-buying panic hasn't set in. Your birthday gets to sit comfortably in the middle.



As much as December kids appreciate their birthdays, they really wish they could be any other time of year. Because of all of the holiday commotion, people are either forgetting your birthday altogether, or lumping your holiday presents in with the birthday ones. Though you will get some nice time off school later in the month, people can't always show up to your party thanks to holiday travels. You've probably considered celebrating your half-birthday in the summer, instead.


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