Do You REALLY Need a Beauty Fridge? Umm, YES!

Think of your skincare collection. I'm willing to bet you take pretty good care of it, right?

You would never leave it outside in the hot, blazing sun, and you certainly wouldn't haphazardly screw on lids, leaving them open and available to the elements. No, if you're truly a beauty aficionado, you treat each product like a child. And sure, some people might think it's a bit strange, but not me! If you've ever wanted to take your madness a step further, the obvious next move would be to invest in a beauty fridge.

Instead of sticking your sheet masks and facial devices in your normal fridge with food (yuck!), why not have a designated area? Enter the Bishe Fridge. The company reached out and asked if I'd be interested in trying out their mini beauty fridge, and I didn't even think twice before I said "yes." Keep reading to find out all about the Bishe Fridge, if it's worth it and all of my honest thoughts!

The Product

The Pink Bishe Fridge: $149

The brand offers two colors—cream and pink, and since pink just happens to be my favorite color, I'm sure you can take a guess as to which one I chose.

When I received my Bishe Fridge in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the packaging was phenomenal. Lots of times, I'll receive packages that aren't sturdy, leaving broken pieces on the inside, but this packaging was perfect, especially for the price of the product. You definitely don't need to worry about anything breaking while in transit.

After I opened the box and took my new, adorable pink fridge out, I plugged it in and waited for it to cool down. I collected beauty items to put into it, such as sheet masks, under-eye masks, lip masks, facial sprays, a guasha tool and other facial devices.

Once the fridge had cooled, I placed all of my items in overnight to really let them get cold. The next morning, I dove in. I typically don't do sheet masks in the a.m., but I couldn't wait to find out just how well the fridge worked. Upon placing the mask on my face, it was instantly soothing and relaxing. Typically, my face is puffy in the mornings, and the coolness and mask combined made it all go away.

Next up, I used my facial globes. They felt ice-cold and really helped drain my face of unwanted fluids. The coolness of the globes themselves made them work 10 times better than when they're at room temp, too!

Lastly, I finished off by spritzing my face with a facial spray. At this point, I was used to the coolness of the products, so it didn't faze me. I use facial sprays multiple times throughout the day (they're my weakness),  and would go back and forth from my desk to the fridge for a little pick-me-up.


Bottom Line

So, do you really need a beauty fridge? Obviously, it's not absolutely necessary and is on the more expensive side, but if you take your beauty routine seriously, I say heck yes you need one! Not only is it adorably cute and compact, but it also helps elongate the lives of your products.

The Bishe Fridge is unlike any other beauty fridge on the market, and while you can definitely find a cheaper one, it won't be nearly as good. The Bishe Fridge comes equipped with removable racks, side storage and the perfect amount of space for your skincare needs. This is by far the most aesthetically pleasing one I've seen, and I'm so happy I have it.


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