Bite Beauty Just Announced a New Zodiac-Inspired Lipstick Collection

Whether you check your horoscope every day, or your astrological sign doesn't even cross your mind, the stars can now guide much more than your future—they can guide your makeup choices.

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Zodiac-inspired beauty products are definitely having a moment right now. From sweet-smelling perfumes that align with the the star signs, to zodiac-themed makeup brushes, our astrological signs are officially a guiding force in our beauty decisions.

Because no one can avoid the power of the stars, Bite Beauty is releasing their own line of zodiac-inspired products. This time, your astrological sign will play crucial role in your lip color.

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Astrology by Bite is an ultra-limited edition collection of exclusive lipstick shades. However, these lipsticks cannot be purchased all at once. For the next year, Bite will release a new shade every month that aligns with the sun sign during the specific period. Each exclusive shade will come in Bite's award-winning Amuse Bouche formula, known for its bold colors and nourishing ingredients.

In order to ensure that each lipstick accurately reflects the star sign they are meant to represent, Bite Beauty paired up with psychic, astrologer, tea, tarot and lipstick reader Tara Greene to create stunning shades that capture the character trait of each zodiac sign.

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First up? A stunning purple that celebrates the independent and inventive nature of  Aquarians. On sale for $26 at Sephora, the Aquarius lipstick is already out of stock, despite only launching a few days ago. So keep your fingers crossed for a restock of this breathtaking hue.

As for the rest of the star signs? We'll have to anxiously await our birth months to see exactly what shade Bite Beauty has in store.


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