We Need The Spellbook From Little Mix's "Black Magic" ASAP

In Little Mix's new "Black Magic" video, the gals find a book of spells that gives them the magic, and confidence, to make anything happen. Not only do we love the track, but we seriously need that book in our hands. Here's why you do, too!

First of all, joining together to perform spells seems like serious girl bonding time.

girl bonding in the witch circle in little mix black magic music video

And while we could do without a book to the head…

spell book falling on jade thirlwalls head in black magic music video by little mix

The instant makeover and confidence boost would be totally worth it, not that there was anything wrong with their looks before.

black magic music video style transformation little mix

Magic = perfect hair color instantly, without harsh dyes. (We'd also settle for a spell that just gives us Perrie's hair)

perrie edwards gets instant purple hair in black magic music video

Not even sure what this spell is, but it looks cool

jesy nelson does some kind of black magic in little mix video

Firebending powers!

leigh-anne pinnock is a firebender in little mix black magic music video

And levitation would be endlessly handy

jade thirwall makes glasses levitate in little mix black magic music video

With limitless powers and a new sense of confidence, we'd forgot the lame guys who never paid attention to us in the first place and, just like the ladies in the video, use our black magic to play harmless pranks on mean girls…

little mix catches the attention of the boys and pranks the mean girl in black magic music video

And lend a helping hand to the people who deserve it!

little mix gives a nerd a break in black magic music video

Witchy powers would make math class 100x better.

little mix makes math class fun in black magic music video

And our teachers would probably appreciate their newly granted moves, too. 

teacher dancing on the desk in little mix black magic music video

What would you do with your own brand of "black magic"? Watch the music video below for inspiration and share with us in the comments!