Hold on to your broomsticks—Harry Potter has officially entered the world of athleisure.

On Dec. 18, Australian clothing company Black Milk released their new “Team Hogwarts” line, and it’s almost too good for us mere Muggles.

With sweaters, tanks, leggings and dresses all emblazoned with the name and logo of each of the four Hogwarts Houses, repping your house (and your endless Harry Potter obsession) has never been easier—or more comfortable.

Even though we love everything in this new line, the ultimate stand-outs are definitely the leggings. The Hogwarts house name and color is represented on a stripe that runs down the left leg, and the house emblem is represented by a similar stripe that runs down the right leg. It’s obvious enough to show off your house pride, but understated enough to comfortably wear in public.

Currently on sale for $120, these leggings are made of a lightweight material that is sweat-absorbing and quick-drying. It’s made to withstand any gym workout, but even if your yoga pants have never seen a yoga class, these high-waisted leggings are stylish and comfy enough to wear anywhere. Plus, they have a hidden pocket that perfectly conceals your smartphone—because Black Milk literally thought of everything.

If you’re like us and you need all things Harry Potter all the time, Black Milk has plenty of other options in the line, including a reversible tank dress for $90 that is covered in the emblem and colors of each house.

If you’re searching for a matching top for your leggings, the tanks in the Team Hogwarts line come in a muscle top for Hufflepuff and Slytherin, and a knockout top for Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. The tanks are on sale for $70, and they feature a lightweight fabric that is sure to keep you cool and comfortable, even during the toughest Quidditch (err… sports?) practice.

Last, but definitely not least, Black Milk also released a sweater for each house, ensuring that you’re still able to wear your Hogwarts gear on the chillier days of the year. On sale for $120, the warm layer is covered in each respective house’s emblem with a contrasting panel on the front, showing the colors of each house. It’s versatile enough to pair with any ensemble, and it’s lightweight enough to add some needed warmth without overpowering your outfit.

No matter your house affiliation, there’s no denying that this stylish line of athletic gear is exactly what we need to perk up our Muggle lifestyle. A win-win for everyone!

Check out the full “Team Hogwarts” collection HERE!


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