17 Great Black-Owned Brands to Shop All Year Long

We're honoring this Black history month by educating ourselves about Black history and shopping Black-owned businesses, and in that process, we've been discovering great brands we'll be shopping all year long.

After all, everyone can support Black brands, whether or not you're looking for skincare and makeup for melanin-rich skin or products for curly and coily hair, or simply seeking new food, decor and fashion companies to love. Just keep scrolling for some of the awesome brands you can support this Black History Month—and beyond.


The PuffCuff is a unique hair clamp designed to help anyone with curly hair achieve their desired looks without further stressing or pulling their curls. Designed by inventor Ceata E. Lash, PuffCuff is designed to work with all hair types, making a massive difference around the country for people working to embrace their natural hair.

PuffCuff founder Ceata lash

(via PuffCuff)



Created by La La Anthony, INALA is a haircare line creating products to nourish, strengthen and heal hair, whether it's straight and coarse or curly and kinky. Inspired by Asian skincare routines, the brand uses an innovative rice water complex to create clean formulas that will empower any kind of hair.

Inala Hair La La Anthony

(via INALA)


Camille Rose

Camille Rose is one of the top haircare brands in retail today, and it all started with founder and mom of five, Janell Stephens. The Ulta-favorite brand utilizes food-grade ingredients to craft its signature skin- and hair-friendly blends, designed to bring out the inherent beauty in every type of natural hair.

janell stephens camille rose beauty

(via Camille Rose)


The Doux

The Doux CEO Maya Smith has been a licensed cosmetologist since high school, with the brand growing out of the belief that great haircare should be a lifestyle—not a hobby. The brand is all about texture-focused hair solutions that simplify complicated hair routines with better formulas and fewer steps to achieve looks that'll help you love your hair unconditionally.

the doux ceo maya smith

(via The Doux)



Dawn Myers founded Richualist to create groundbreaking new hair tools that cater to the hair needs of women of color, and with the brand's latest technology in The Mint, she's doing just that. The unique wand, complete with a pod that disperses curling cream or gel as you go, has special attachments to make it easier, faster and so much more convenient to style highly textured hair, making it simpler than ever to embrace natural texture.

dawn myers richualist founder

(via Richualist)


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Mahisha Dellinger was a marketing manager at a Fortune 500 Company before she realized her calling was in the beauty industry, deciding to create her own company to make products with the best available ingredients in order to deliver dependable results for people with natural hair. She worked with expert chemists to ensure that CURLS has some of the best science-based formulas around—and the results speak for themselves.

curls founder mahisha dellinger

(via CURLS)


OAM Skin

Ciara isn't just a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, but also an entrepreneur whose clinical skincare brand, OAM Skin, is designed for people of all skin types. The brand is all about clean formulas that deliver great results, and its four-layer system simplifies skincare routines so that anyone can understand it and get on the path to great skin.

Ciara testing Oam skin

(via OAM Skin)


Cay Skin

Founded by supermodel Winnie Harlow, Cay Skin is a unique skincare brand with cast-free SPF built into every product to produce stunning-looking results while protecting skin from the sun. As someone with vitiligo, when Winnie simply couldn't find what we needed from other SPF products, she set out to create her own, and these high-performance items get the job done.

winnie harlow cay skin lip balm

(via Cay Skin)


Danessa Myricks Beauty

Danessa Myricks is one of the biggest names in the beauty industry today, so it should come as no surprise that her own makeup brand, Danessa Myricks Beauty, makes stunning cosmetics with every type of wearer in mind. Every product is designed to be versatile and multifunctional, allowing them to keep up with even the busiest of beauty lovers.

danessa myricks beauty photo

(via Danessa Myricks Beauty)



Dr. Anne Beal is a physician and medical researcher, so you know that the products from her skincare brand, AbsoluteJOI, are made with skin health as the first priority. Many beauty brands don't have formulas that address the unique skincare needs of women of color, but AbsoluteJOI is made with them in mind, creating skin that's as beautiful and healthy as it looks.

absolutejoiskincare dr anne

(via AbsoluteJOI)


LYS Beauty

There's a good reason that LYS Beauty is a fan-favorite Sephora clean beauty brand, as founder Tisha Thompson's first priority in creating the brand's beautiful makeup products was ensuring that every ingredient is great for skin. The skin always comes first, with LYS's universal shades and fabulous results making the brand even more beloved.

lys beauty tisha thompson founder

(via LYS Beauty)


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SIIKA Herb + Honey

Makuyo Nettey was inspired to create SIIKA Herb + Honey after a trip to Ghana, where in the Ga language, "Siika" signifies riches, wealth and beauty. The brand's herb-infused raw honey harnesses the sweet, healing nature of its ingredients, which can be incorporated into daily mindfulness rituals, from cooking and enjoying meals to sipping a soothing cup of tea, reminding us that there's wealth in life not just in money, but also in joyous moments and love.

siika herb and honey founder makuyo nettey

(via SIIKA Herb + Honey)


Broc Shot

Gracia Walker is co-founder of Broc Shot, a unique wellness shot that utilizes the natural sulforaphane found in broccoli as a powerful antioxidant, supporting gut health while reducing inflammation and more. Not only is it one of the most innovative supplements on the market, but they have a unique recycling program to reduce waste—and they taste surprisingly good, too.

gracia walker broc shot

(via Broc Shot)



Jodyann Morgan's CTOAN Co. is a candle company like we've never seen, with hand-poured fat body candles that make clear the importance of representation. As a queer, Black creator, Jodyann's trans-inclusive candles come in seven original designs that don't just help to normalize fat bodies, but show us how beautiful they are across seven bold, original designs.

jodyann ctoan co body candles

(via CTOAN Co.)


Bodylicious Couture

Bodylicious Couture is a fashion brand designed by Jennifer Love to keep up with all of the incredible possibilities women face in their journeys every day. The ready-to-wear brand focuses on striking designs with vibrant colors and unique textures to highlight femininity, emphasize curves and make us all feel as powerful as possible.

bodylicious couture

(via Bodylicious Couture)


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Lola Tara

Whether it's Lola Tara dresses, pants or jumpsuits, all of Lola Tara's designs come straight from the designer's heart, capturing aspects of her personality and distilling them into incredible pieces that she hopes will make other wearers feel as empowered as she does. Her luxury fashion pieces are designed to be timeless, yet modern, for every kind of statement.

designer lola tara

(via Lola Tara)



Created by Tracy Vontélle Green and Nancey Harris, eyeglass brand Vontélle is all about fashion-forward eyewear that works for wearers while making a big statement. Their handcrafted designs use patterns and colors channeling their heritage from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America, while every pair is tailored with vision in mind, creating confidence both internally and externally. vontelle founder art and glasses

(via Vontélle)


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