Every Fan of Marvel's Black Panther Needs These Items to Showcase Their Admiration

Black Panther is one of the greatest things to happen to 2018, so far.

The Marvel blockbuster quickly became everyone's fave superhero movie the second it hit theaters, us included.

Happen to adore this flick as much as we do? Rep your admiration for the film with the Black Panther-inspired clothes and accessories below.

Shuri and T'Challa in Shuri's lab in Black Panther

(Black Panther via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

'Women Never Freeze' T-Shirt: $19.99

It's true, we don't.

'Women Never Freeze' t-shirt form Etsy

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Black Panther Earrings: $8

We're only wearing these studs from here on out.

Black Panther earrings from Etsy

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'Hey, Auntie' Mug: $14

The most awkward family reunion ever.

'Hey, Auntie' mug from Etsy

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Black Panther-Inspired Sweatshirt: $19.99

The closest we'll get to having our own suit.

Black Panther-inspired sweatshirt from Etsy

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Kimoyo Beads Bracelet: $30

If only these beads did everything real Kimoyo Beads do.

Kimoyo Beads bracelet from Etsy

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Okoye-Inspired T-Shirt: $32.50

Fiercest female of them all.

Okoye-inspired t-shirt from Etsy

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Black Panther Patch: $4

This patch would look so great ironed on your denim jacket.

Black Panther patch from Etsy

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Black Panther-Inspired Pins: $1.80

A pin for every occasion.

Black Panther-inspired pins from Etsy

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'Wakanda Forever' iPhone Case: $20

Forever and ever and ever.

'Wakanda Forever' iphone case from Etsy

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Shuri Quotes Necklaces: $14

Sport Shuri's best lines with these necklaces.

Shuri quotes necklaces form Etsy

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Black Panther and The Lion King Sticker: $4

The crossover we all deserve.

Black Panther and The Lion King crossover sticker from Etsy

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In need of a solid Instagram caption? Use one of THESE Black Panther quotes.