Instagram Captions for When You're at a Black-Tie Wedding

There's just something about a black-tie wedding that just gets us so excited!

If you're lucky enough to attend a black-tie wedding yourself, prepare to have tons of fun. Not only are black-tie weddings super fancy, but they're also a great excuse to get dressed up. Whether you're in a stunning ballgown or a tailored tuxedo, it's the perfect time to show off your outfit. Look below for Instagram caption ideas for when you're at a black-tie wedding.

For that photo of your beautiful outfit:

"The heels were definitely off by the end of the night."


For when you look like a vintage movie star:

"Too glam to give a damn."


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For when you're cheers-ing to the couple:

"Sip, sip, horray!"


For when you're looking amazing:

"Dressed to the nines for the beautiful couple!"


For that picture of you in front of the stunning venue:

"A night of glitz and glamour."


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For when the wedding looks like a literal Pinterest board:

"Pinterest came to life this evening."


For when you're dancing with the new couple:

"The drinks were flowing, the dance floor was popping and the newlyweds looked flawless."


For that candid picture of you walking into the wedding:

"Red carpet event or wedding?"


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For when you and your date are looking fabulous:

"We clean up nice."


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