BLACKPINK is currently the most popular girl group in the world.

Having sold-out concerts worldwide, broken streaming records and most recently becoming only the second all-Asian act to ever cover Rolling Stone, things continue to look up for the K-pop group.

With confident and powerful lyrics, fans can’t get enough of their music. Not only is it catchy, but it makes them feel empowered—like when they’re listening to the group, they can take on anything. We agree with those fans and think BLACKPINK are redefining what it means to be a girl group, which is why their lyrics make fantastically fierce captions for Instagram.

For when you’re tired of immature guys:

“I don’t want a boy, I need a man.”



For a diss to someone trying to change you in a relationship:

“If you wanna fix me, then let’s break up here and now.”

-“Sour Candy”


For when you’re feeling independent:

“I don’t need a Ken.”



For when you’re wearing shades and maybe even catching a nice tan:

“Chillin like a villain.”

-“Ice Cream”


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For a total boss moment:

“Bring out your boss bish.”

-“How You Like That”


For when you’re having an amazing day:

“My life’s been magic.”

-“On The Ground”


For recognizing your self-worth:

“One of a kind.”

-“Love to Hate Me”


For a post with your bestie:

“We ride or die.”

-“As If It’s Your Last”


For a G.O.A.T reference:

“Being the greatest of all time ain’t fantasy.”



For a reference to your favorite song:

“When the bass drop, it’s another banger.”



For when you’re missing someone:

“I don’t know what to do without you.”

-“Don’t Know What to Do”


For a ’90s Style Throwback pic:

“Nineties’ baby, I pump up the jam.”



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For when you know you deserve self-love:

“Never needed nothin’ else, just a lil’ love from myself.”

-“Kick It”


For a post representing yourself like the queen you are:

“You’re sittin’ on your feelings, I’m sittin’ on my throne.”



For a subtle Superman reference:

“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane.”

-“How You Like That”


For when you’re sick of forgiving someone:

“Tired of hearin’ sorry.”

-“Kiss and Make Up”


For a vacation post:

“This don’t feel like home.”



For when you want to focus on yourself:

“A prince not even on my list.”

-“Lovesick Girls”


For a post featuring your sick dance moves:

“This beat got me feelin’ like.”



For when you want someone to be authentic with you:

“Aye but I don’t play with them fakes, keep it real with me.”



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For a girl’s night out celebration:

“Girls wanna have some fun.”

-“Forever Young”


For when you’re excited about the end of the week:

“It’s the end of the month and the weekend.”



For being happy about payday:

“Only thing I think about is big stacks.”

-“Love to Hate Me”


For the times you’re crushing on someone hard:

“I went crazy over you.”

-“Crazy Over You”


For when you wish people would understand your perspective:

“You’ll never know unless you walk in my shoes.”

-“You Never Know”


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