Obsessed With Your Pet? Wear Them on a Cute Custom Necklace With Help From Blago Jewelry

Anyone who's pet-obsessed knows that when it comes to adoring your animals, just showering them with love and affection never feels like enough.

Looking for a new way to show off your love for your pet to the world? Blago Jewelers' custom pet necklaces are just the thing. After stumbling on them on Instagram, I fell in love with the concept, and after I reached out, the brand was kind enough to let me go through the process of making my own to share their necklaces with the world.

The Brand

Blago is a brand dedicated to making unique luxury jewelry pieces, with an emphasis on creative necklace designs. At the moment, their list of products is small but mighty, featuring a cute Love Letter Envelope Necklace, plus personalized heart birthstone necklaces, multi-name necklaces, and of course, the Personalized Pet Photo Necklace.

Their Personalized Pet Photo Necklaces, in particular, are unique because they feature an image of your most beloved pet, along with their name. They come on gold, silver or rose gold-colored pendants on chains available from 16 inches to 20 inches long, and start at just $59.99.

blago jewelry personalized pet photo necklace

(via Blago Jewelers)


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The Experience

For my review, the team at Blago gave me a coupon code for a free necklace, so I went through the same process a typical customer would in order to bring my necklace to life. I just had to make my selections—16 inches for the length and gold for the color—and then upload my photo of the family dog, a mega-sized Boston terrier named Horace. I made sure to select a large, clear image that demonstrated his personality before sharing it and typing in his name. When I was finished, I added the necklace to my cart, made the purchase, and then it was time to wait!

horace lounging on pillow

After an order is placed, Blago gives a 24 to 72-hour grace period for customers to make any changes to their order if necessary, then the order is processed, with the custom piece taking five to seven business days to complete. From there, customers can expect to receive their order in another seven to nine business days.

My order, though, wound up being super speedy. After submitting my order, it only took nine days for my finished necklace to arrive in my mailbox—and I was thrilled with the result.

horace custom pet blago necklace on chain

The small silver medallion looks great on its chain, and the engraved picture of Horace came out so clear, with his picture and outline highly defined, and looking quintessentially like Horace's grumpy self! His name was also clearly printed below him, giving it an added touch of cuteness. The necklace makes for such a great accessory, and when people see it, they just can't resist asking where I got it. Of course, I always share that Blago made it possible.


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Bottom Line

Blago's process for custom pieces is a breeze from start to finish. The steps for customization took just a couple of minutes, my necklace arrived super fast (especially for a custom piece) and the result was both clear and adorable. With custom pieces typically being quite pricey, $59.99 is a deal, and whether you're getting one for yourself or surprising a family member for a special occasion, the recipient is going to love this adorable pet necklace and cherish it for years to come.


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