Star Blake Gray Shares the Soundtrack to His Life

Considering he first got famous through the app, it's no surprise that music plays a big role in Blake Gray's life.

Have you ever wondered which songs the singer turns to during all of his daily ups and downs? So did we! Check out the soundtrack to his life below:

The song that gets me through my toughest workouts:

"Stronger" by Kanye West


The song I always listen to when I'm excited about someone I'm dating or crushing on:

"Best Love Song" by T.Pain and Chris Brown


The song I always blast in the car:

"God's Plan" by Drake

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The song I listen to when I want to wallow in my sadness:

"Bad Day" by Daniel Powter


The song I always listen to when I'm getting ready to go out:

"Candy Paint" by Post Malone


My favorite song of all time:

"Easy" by Commodores



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