If you spend as much time scrolling TikTok as we do, we guarantee you’re familiar with talented model and influencer Blake Manning.

The 18-year-old social media sensation is beloved for his comedic videos, and his lifestyle content, lip-syncs and dances have earned him more than 1.9 million followers on TikTok alone. He’s also an athlete who loves golf, baseball and football—but most importantly, basketball—and is about to begin his freshman year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Can’t get enough of Blake? Check out everything he revealed about himself as our latest Man Crush Monday below.

Blake Manning trivia Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Hannah Bernabe)

Name: Blake Manning

Hometown: Orange County, California

Birthday: April 15

Zodiac sign: Aries


Fun Facts:

1. During the pandemic lockdown, Blake tapped into his musical side.

“One fact about myself is that when we were told to stay in our homes during COVID, I learned how to play a couple songs on the piano. One of my favorites to learn was “All of Me” by John Legend and I would play it so much my family started to hate the song haha.”

-Blake Manning


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2. He has a bit of a phobia about spiders and different types of bugs.

“Like all of the bugs with a bunch of legs and a ton of eyes. Scary.”

-Blake Manning

3. At the moment, his favorite song is “Massive” by Drake.

“It brings me good vibes whenever I play it.”

-Blake Manning

4. He hasn’t been to a ton of concerts—yet.

“But my favorite has been a Brett Eldridge concert. One, because I love his music, and two, because he’s my second cousin.”

-Blake Manning


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5. His go-to Starbucks drink is the Strawberry Açaí Refresher.

“I don’t really drink coffee.”

-Blake Manning

6. He’s never been a fan of sushi or any kind of raw fish.

7. The last show he binge-watched on Netflix was Suits.

“It’s really good, I recommend it.”

-Blake Manning

8. His dad makes him laugh more than anyone else.


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9. His favorite pizzas are meat lover’s or plain pepperoni.

10. Kobe Bryant is his biggest inspiration.

“I love his work ethic and his Mamba mentality.”

-Blake Manning

11. One thing that’s core to who Blake is as a human is his passion for basketball.

“It is not just a hobby for me—it is a lifestyle. I am going to try and walk-on to the basketball team up at Cal Poly Slo so I can play Division 1 basketball.”

-Blake Manning


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