Taylor Swift's Moving "Blank Space" Music Video!

The music video for Taylor Swift's latest single "Blank Space" is like an emotionally intense short film and we absolutely can't stop watching it!taylor space blank space 1989

The video tells the love story of two characters, Taylor and Sean, portrayed by model Sean O'Pry. They live together in a massive manor and seem to live the perfect life together, complete with white horses, amazing decor and a number of perfect wardrobe changes.

But the lyrics hint at future pain, and it soon becomes apparent that this can't possibly end well.

"Love's a game," Taylor sings. "Want to play?"

When Taylor catches Sean texting another woman, things take a swift turn. She plots her revenge and their ideal love story self destructs.

She destroys the life they've made together so far, slashing paintings, cutting up his clothes and taking a golf club to his expensive car.

By the end of the video, Sean is out of the picture and a new man comes into Taylor's life, but is the cycle destined to repeat itself?

The "Blank Space" is a blast to watch, which an intriguing storyline you can watch over and over. Plus, the song is amazing, and the vid feature's Taylor's adorable little kitten, Olivia!

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