Yes, You Need This Portable Blender

I'm the type of person who absolutely loathes spending $10 on a shake or smoothie (who doesn't?).

That's why I prefer making my own! However, since I also don't like having to clean out a huge blender every time I use it, I've been on the hunt for a more compact one that still packs a punch. So, when the team behind BlendJet reached out and asked if I'd be interested in testing out their product, I jumped at the chance.

They're known for their portable blenders, and I was more than happy to see if they fit my needs. After using it for the last month, it totally does. Keep scrolling to learn all about the brand and my experience with the BlendJet 2.

The Brand

BlendJet was made in the hopes of providing people with an easy, stress-free way to lead a healthy life. The brand focuses on innovation, quality, nutrition, health and wellness. I love what they stand for and their blenders truly do make it so much more manageable to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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The Experience

BlendJet 2: $99.95 (currently on sale for $49.95)

The BlendJet 2 is all sorts of amazing. Not only can it whip up my favorite shakes and smoothies, but it can also be used as a food processor. In fact, just the other day I made homemade pesto with the blender by using the "pulse" function, and the pesto was perfectly blended by the end.

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The most appealing feature of the BlendJet 2 has to be its portability. All you need to do is charge it via USB and bring it along with you, and it should last for up to 15 blends. Whether you're heading to the beach, work, a picnic or even the gym, this portable blender can be used practically anywhere. My boyfriend and I have been bringing it to the pool to make mocktails this summer and it's proven to be super handy. Not only does it keep our blended drinks cold and icy, but it's fun!

The self-cleaning function is definitely what made me fall in love with the BlendJet 2. Instead of having to hand wash it or throw it in the dishwasher, all you need to do is add soap, water and blend! It's innovative and I've never seen anything like it.

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Bottom Line

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the BlendJet 2. If you're looking for a relatively affordable blender that you can take anywhere, I highly suggest getting your hands on this amazing product.

(via BlendJet)


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