Should You Block Your Ex On Social Media After a Breakup?

Post-breakup etiquette is so confusing, especially when it comes to social media.

On one hand, your ex is someone you deeply cared for at one point. No matter how the relationship ended, cutting them out of your life completely feels wrong on some level.

On the other hand, social media can make it difficult to move on. Constantly seeing your ex in other people's posts can stir up a lot of jealousy. Plus, the urge to stalk them is often too strong to resist, which hinders your ability to let go of the relationship.

So should you block your ex on social media after a breakup? As with many things, the answer isn't black and white. Keep scrolling to find out if hitting that block button might be the right move for you.

Block Them If: Seeing Them on Social Media Causes You Pain

If your heart cringes a little bit every time you see your ex pop up on your feed, you should probably block them. After a breakup, social media can help you feel close to your ex, even when you're apart. Unfortunately, that close feeling can also make it difficult to move on. If you find that you're looking at your ex's posts through teary eyes while remembering all the good times, you're not giving yourself a chance to truly let them go. Staying connected on social media is keeping you trapped in that relationship, even though it's time to move forward. Blocking them, even if it's just for a little while, will give your heart the space it needs to heal.

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Don't Block Them If: You Can Just Mute Them Instead

Thankfully, Instagram came up with the handy-dandy "mute" feature so you don't have to block or unfollow everyone who annoys you. Maybe seeing your ex's posts doesn't particularly hurt. At the same time, however, you find that you're scared to look at what they're putting up, for fear that you might see something you'd rather avoid. In that case, muting them should be sufficient. That way, you never have to see their posts pop up on your feed, but you don't have to take the sometimes-treacherous step of blocking them completely. It opens the door to a friendly relationship in the future, but it protects your heart while you're still feeling a little tender.


Block Them If: You Keep Reaching Out After Seeing Their Posts

After a breakup, you need time apart from your ex to truly heal. Sadly, that's the most difficult part of the split. The first few days and weeks following the break will be tough, mostly because you have to readjust to living your life without them. If you're constantly reaching out, you're hurting your ability to move forward.

That's where social media comes in. If you find that you can't see your ex's posts without reaching out in some way, it's time to hit the block button. Blocking them is just as much about your accountability as it is about your ex's. If you block them, you won't be able to respond to every story or comment sweet things on their next picture. Separation is good after a breakup. If you have to attain that by blocking your ex, so be it.

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Don't Block Them If: Things Ended On Good Terms

Some relationships don't end in disaster. It's totally possible that you and your ex simply realized that you're not meant for one another, and parted ways on good terms. If that's the case, there's absolutely no reason to block your ex. If everything's good, don't create unnecessary drama. Ending on good terms means it shouldn't be a problem to stay close on social media.


Block Them If: They Won't Stop Reaching Out

Reaching out works both ways. While you should definitely block your ex if you can't help but reach out to them, you should also block them if they won't stop reaching out to you. It's hard not to contact someone you care about. But if you've warned your ex that you need some space and they continue to reach out, it's okay to block them. While it will certainly be painful and upsetting, it's important to allow yourself to move on. Your ex reaching out keeps you from moving forward. It's a situation that's practically begging for use of the block button.

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Don't Block Them If: You Want to Remain Friends

While blocking might be in your emotional best interest, there are some situations where you and your ex have decided to remain friends. If that's the case, you really can't block them. Once you block someone, it's hard to come back from that and restart a friendship. If staying friends with your ex is a main priority for you, don't push the block button.

Of course, your friendship with your ex shouldn't come above your own mental well-being. Don't avoid blocking them for the sake of the friendship if seeing their social media posts is truly hard for you.


Block Them If: You're Scared of Seeing Them With Someone Else

One of the primary fears following a breakup is the dreaded day you have to see your ex with someone new. Unfortunately, social media makes that information all the more accessible. So if you're really scared about seeing your ex with a new S.O., why torture yourself? Block them! You shouldn't have to get nervous every time you open a new app or click their stories with fear at the possibility that someone might have taken your place. You don't have to make yourself suffer just because you're scared of being the bad guy. If you don't want to see them with someone else, take your social media back and remove them from your list of followers.


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