Here's What Your Blood Type Can Reveal About Your Personality

Have you ever wondered why the bios for your favorite K-pop artists and anime characters often list their blood type?

It's not just another weird stat to remember along with their birthday and their favorite food. In Japan and South Korea, many people believe that our personalities are dictated by our blood types. We needed to learn more, so we checked out What's Your Type? by Peter Constantine to find out all about the blood types and what they're said to reveal about those who possess them.

Blood Type A

Most Like the Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

According to What's Your Type?, "the main characteristic of the A type is reserved calm." A types are flexible and can go with the flow in any situation. They don't get stressed when a situation gets difficult. Instead, when they see everyone else scrambling, they're happy to take charge and jump in as the leader—even though they're not always the most comfortable around other people. They're responsible, logical and good at making decisions, though they can also be avoidant of conflict. They're peace lovers, and sometimes, they go along with things simply because they don't feel like making waves. They're also focused on appearance and care a lot about what others think of them, often feeling like they don't fit in. They tend to be introverts who keep to themselves. Though they can appear cold at times, it's often to hide their own shyness and vulnerability.

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Blood Type B

Most Like the Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

What's Your Type? says that "Bs tend to be rational, sober and pragmatic—inveterate organizers." They have an innate understanding of the workings of the world and are truly hands-on, bringing their ideas into reality through hard work and determination. Of all the blood types, they're the most focused. Sometimes, they can become single-minded, focusing only on one project instead of maintaining a more balanced approach to life. They're goal-oriented and stubborn, and very few things can get them to back down from what they want. They approach life carefully and do things by the books, making them all work and no play. They're factual, rather than emotional, and they know exactly who they are and what makes them tick.


Blood Type O

Most Like the Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

"The O stands out as the sociable, energetic, extroverted person who makes friends easily and has a natural tendency to mingle," explains What's Your Type? O types know how to adapt, and can turn even the most desperate situations into opportunities to thrive and succeed. Still, they're known for being fickle and inconsistent. They're often found hopping from one project or interest to the next, and they rarely finish what they start. They can be fearless, and often create new businesses and projects. They're attention-lovers who don't mind having all eyes on them and are passionate, honest and emotional. Their confidence and ambition makes them good to have on any kind of team. They're also smooth-talkers who are always up for a lively debate.


Blood Type AB

Most Like the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

What's Your Type? explains that, "When you meet an AB, you see a calm and composed individual… but below the surface is a fiery mix of opposites." AB types are driven by their emotions and can appear to have conflicting personalities, acting one way one second, and another way the next. Whether they'll be introverted or extroverted depends entirely upon the situation, and though they're loyal to their closest friends and family, they often find themselves withdrawing because they feel overwhelmed. Many see them as unpredictable, but understanding them is all about analyzing their state of mind. They're complex people, and they grasp the spectrum of human emotions better than any of us because they've experienced all of its many aspects.

My Hero Academia: Deku quirk fact sheet with blood type

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