5 Ways to Work Blue Eyeshadow Into Your Everyday Look

If Kim Kardashian West's collaboration with her longtime makeup artist @MakeupbyMario is any indication,blue eyeshadow is about to be everywhere this summer.

From saturated navy, to bursts of teal and soft pastel blue, there's so much room to play in this cool hue.

I recently received the new Urban Decay Beached Collection palette and was so inspired by the pungent blue shades that I created five looks for you to emulate, no swimsuit needed. Enjoy!

Sharp Cat Eye

I love a sharp cat eye updated with a fun color. This teal blue called "Double Dip" is perfect for creating a dramatic colorful cat eyeliner. Just use a super flat angled brush and apply in an outward sweeping motion across your lash line. If you don't have a steady hand, get your brush slightly damp before dipping in the shadow for added control.

Blue eyeshadow sharp cat eyeliner

Smudged Thick Liner

If being precise isn't your thing, a thick smudged liner is for you. This grunge look is perfect for a night out with friends, paired with a babydoll dress. It's also pretty easy to do!

Drop Shadow

I personally am always a fan of drop shadow. It feels very effortless and '60s. It's like you wanted to put effort into your appearance, but you're so glam you don't care. I'm all about easy looks, and this one is by far the most simple.

Blue Eyeshadow Drop Shadow


Light Contour

If I'm wearing eyeshadow, my go-to look is always a simple eye contour, where I apply shadow at the outer corner and crease, and lightly drag it across to the inner corner, leaving the lid bare. This looks really cool when done with a wash of bright color because it's not too intense, but it's interesting.

Blue eyeshadow contour

Mixed With Copper

Blues and coppers complement each other so well. If you're hesitant to try a full blue shadow look, mix in a little copper or gold on the middle of the lid and blend it out.

Blue eyeshadow copper


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