Blue Shirt Day Aims to STOMP Out Bullying!

Today is STOMP Out Bullying's 5th annual Blue Shirt Day, a World Day of Bullying Prevention!Blue Shirt Day

The first Monday of October is dedicated to Blue Shirt Day, where anti-bullying advocates wear their official blue shirts from STOMP Out Bullying or a blue shirt of their own to send the message that it's not okay to bully or cyberbully anyone.

Last year, Kat McNamara and Kenton Duty, stars of the anti-bullying film Contest, wore their Blue Shirts against bullying! Contest debuted just yesterday on Cartoon Network!

Bella Thorne also joined in last year to speak out against bullying and cyberbullying!

Chloe Moretz, Hilary Duff, and Nick Cannon joined together this year for a video campaign to promote awareness for Blue Shirt Day!

"STOMP Out Bullying offers hope to students who experience the harmful effects of bullying and teaches parents what signs to look for," said Ross Ellis, CEO of STOMP OUT Bullying. "It also educates school administrators across the country who have failed our youth and must commit to helping them."

This week, wear a blue shirt and paint your pinky nails blue to show everyone that you're taking a stand against bullying!

Do you stand against bullying? Join us at Sweety High and tell us what steps you take to STOMP Out Bullying!