Blüm Toasty Almonds Are a Home-Toasted Treat That'll Up Your Snack Game

Eating the same old snacks at home day after day can get dull, fast. Most of the stuff you can pull out of the cupboard isn't all that nutritious or fresh, and most microwaved treats are packed with all kinds of junk.

Freshly roasted nuts pretty much check all of the boxes, but I never thought of making them myself at home because they sounded like way too much work. Of course, that was before I discovered Blüm Toasty Almonds.

The team behind the brand reached out for me to try their deliciously flavored, home-toasted almonds, and I have to say I was surprised with the results. Keep reading to find out all about them.

The Products

Blüm Toasty Almonds come with everything you need to toast your own almonds at home. Their raw nuts are grown by California farmers and come in microwave-safe packaging, along with packets of almond oil and uniquely flavored seasoning, so they're ready to heat and serve. Plus, each 6 oz. serving of nuts is big on healthy fats as well as dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium and protein.

While I was sent the Honey Vanilla & Sea Salt and Spicy Chili Lime flavors to try, Cocoa Espresso, Cinnamon Spice and Garlic Parmesan flavors are also available. Two-packs in any flavor combination sell for $15.98 while variety three-packs sell for $23.97 and five-packs featuring all five flavors sell for $31.96.

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The Experience

Honey Vanilla & Sea Salt

When I received my two packages of Blüm's Toasty Almonds, I was more in the mood for something sweet than something savory, so I decided to start with the Honey Vanilla & Sea Salt flavor.


I pulled off the paper sleeve, removed the lid from the little plastic storage container, and took out the included packets of almond oil and seasoning. The first prep step was to pour the almond oil over the nuts, secure the lid and shake to coat evenly. Next, I ripped open the pack of Honey Vanilla & Sea Salt flavoring, poured it over the almonds and repeated this process.


When I was done shaking, the seasoning wasn'completely even, and I could see that the flavored powder collected more densely on certain nuts, as well as at the bottom of the container, I was generally satisfied with my work.  Next, it was time to get toasting. I took off the lid, and microwaved the almonds for a minute before gently shaking the container to evenly distribute heat. It returned to the microwave for another 30 seconds and another shake, and then this process was repeated before the heating process was done.


They came out of the microwave, looking great and smelling absolutely delicious. Now here came the painful part—the instructions directed me to wait 10 to 15 minutes before digging in to allow the nuts to cool. I was a little impatient and waited the minimum 10 minutes before I started snacking, and I was really delighted by the results.

The nuts were hot with a light, toasty texture, and they had a great, almost praline-like honey flavor with a nice hit of salt for contrast. The very best pieces were completely coated in a crunchy layer of the melted honey powder, and I slightly wished I'd had more almond oil, because I felt the ones that had the most seasoning were the ones that were best coated in the oil in that first step.

One package also resulted in a lot of almonds. Each container holds six servings, making it perfect for gatherings. While I had a couple helpers to eat along with me, I had to seal it back up for future snackings because there was too much for a single sitting. The next day, they tasted just as good, though I did miss eating them when they were hot and fresh. This one contained 160 calories and 5 grams of protein per serving.


Spicy Chili Lime

My second foray into Blüm Toasty Almonds was the Spicy Chili Lime flavor, which offered something completely different. While the preparation steps were identical (including the slightly annoying cool-down phase), I could look forward to something bold and savory this time around. While the Spicy Chili Lime flavoring had a slightly off-putting scent straight out of the microwave, the aroma dissipated as the nuts cooled down to eating temperature.


Flavor-wise, I enjoyed them just as much as the other flavor, but for entirely different reasons. These were packed with chili flavor without too much heat, and the sharp flavor or lime contrasted the spice well. It also seemed that the seasoning for the Spicy Chili Lime nuts was quite different from the one that preceded it, because this time it was all about flavor, rather than crystallizing into crunchy goodness around the almonds. Because of this, I found that every single piece in this batch seemed evenly seasoned and coated. Again, I found that there were plenty to go around, and this flavor held up even better the next day.


Bottom Line

If you love fresh-roasted nuts in intriguing flavors, Blüm Toasty Almonds were basically made for you. Though they do require a few steps at home and a minimum of 12 minutes (including 10 impatient minutes of waiting) before you can enjoy them, they're easy enough for anyone to make at home, and they're worth the effort.

The price may also be a sticking point for some, at about $8 per 6 oz. container. However, some grocery store brands retail for a similar price, and without the unique flavors. Whether the work, and the price are worth it will be up to the individual, but I think the great flavors and the experience make them worth trying at least once.


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