Getting Ready For the Cinderella Red Carpet With Blushington

In the latest episode of SweetBeatTV, Alex Schiffman heads to Blushington in West Hollywood to get red carpet-ready for the Disney's Cinderella world premiere. What are some makeup artist Jessica Scantlin's biggest makeup tips?

Her red carpet pet peeve:

"If you wear your hair back, you need to do your ears. Powder your ears. Add concealer, foundation because your ears are always a different color than your face, so when you're on the red carpet you have this sleeked undo and your ears are red. It looks a little funny."

jessica scantlin red carpet pet peeve ear makeup blushington

On spring trends she can't wait for:

"On the eye, whether it's just a clean eyeliner or, I love a little underneath eyeliner, keeping the lid very fresh with vaseline and king of giving it that wet, spring, sultry, I'm down in Florida or I'm the delta heat-type look."

On brows:

"They're the most important thing."

brows are the most important thing jess scantlin blushington

Advice for long-lasting makeup in the heat:

"Start with a primer and you can do, if you have oily skin, a mattifying primer is going to be great for you. It's probably going to be your best friend. You can also spray setting sprays. It's like hairspray for your face."

Cat eye tip:

"Go slow. People try to hurry it up and I'm like, it's a cat eye. It's going to take a second."

alex schiffman cat eye makeup at blushington

What do you think is the most important makeup tip? Let us know in the comments below, check out more Cinderell  stories in the related blogs, and share your own makeup photos with us at Sweety High