These Cute Insta Captions Are Just the Thing for Board Game Photos

We don't know about you, but since our families have been stuck at home spending the majority of our time together, we have been playing a lot of board games.

While not every board game occasion is particularly momentous (we do not like to lose), there are plenty of others that warrant being captured on camera and shared with the world. We have the perfect Instagram captions for all of your favorite board game-playing pics.

For flashing wads of Monopoly cash:

"I'm standing on my Monopoly board. That means I'm on top of my game."



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For showing off the high-scoring word you pulled out of nowhere:

"Scrabble's all fun and games until someone loses an I."


For the pic of you looking like an intellectual while playing a game of chess:

"Chess is everything: art, science, and sport."

Anatoly Karpov


For the shot of the finally-completed puzzle after hours of toil:

"It's always the small pieces that make up the big picture."


For that unamused pic of you playing a board game:

"Bored? Who said I was bored?"


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For when a made-up word makes your Scrabble game contentious:

"Everyone must know by now the aim of Scrabble is to gain the moral high ground, the loser being the first player to slam the board shut and upset all the letters over the floor."

-Craig Bowen


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For the shot of you cautiously pondering your turn:

"When you see a good move, look for a better one."

-Emanuel Lasker


For the photo of you obnoxiously celebrating your big win:

"How you play shows some of your character. How you win or lose shows all of it."


For when your family makes do with about half of the original board game:

"The perfect family board game is one that can be played each time with fewer pieces."

-Robert Breault


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