5 Bobby Pin Hacks That Will Keep Your Hair Looking Fresh All Day Long

Bobby pins are a staple for almost every hairstyle in existence.

Now they can be a hassle to use, but with these tips and tricks—one from the lovely Sierra Furtado—you'll be sure to get the most out of the easily accessible hair accessory.


1. Spray Them With Hairspray

Like Sierra mentions, if you don't want to struggle with re-positioning your bobby pins all day, dunk them in some hairspray to give them an even stronger hold.


2. Keep Your Curls Curly

After you've curled a strand of your hair, pin it to your head so it doesn't fall flat while you're curling the rest of your locks. Bet you didn't know that was a trick. You're welcome.


3. Create a Unique Updo

Position your bobby pins into a triangle to make this easy and adorable updo. To everyone else it will seem like you spent hours doing it, but you'll know it only took you a few minutes.


4. Give Your Pony a Boost

If you want a ponytail that has some oomph to it, slide two bobby pins into the base of the pony to give it the extra lift it deserves. It's as easy as that.


5. Use Them the Right Way

Always, always remember that you use a bobby pin with the wavy side face-down. It will give it a better grip and allow the hair accessory to actually do its job.


Sierra's bobby pin hack isn't the only trick up her sleeve. If you're not the best about taking off your makeup before you go to bed, THIS helpful tip from her—plus a few of our own—will save your face.