Bobo's Oat Bars Make the Perfect Quick, Tasty and Filling On-the-Go Snacks

Since I started working from home (and, because I get the opportunity to try out lots of amazing food brands), I've gotten a lot better about regularly eating something for breakfast.

Snack bars, especially, have become one of my go-tos, because there's zero prep and they're easy to munch on, even when I'm furiously typing away on a project. So, when the folks behind Bobo's oat bars reached out and asked if I'd be interested in trying and reviewing their own snackable, portable bars, I jumped at the opportunity. After eating their foods almost daily for the last couple of weeks, I've come to a few conclusions about the brand.

The Brand

Bobo's and their oat bars started as a mother-daughter baking tradition before branching out into a full-blown business. While their bars are still made in small batches, just like they were in the beginning, they've also expanded the lineup while sharing their offerings with hungry people across the U.S.

All of their products start with 100% whole grain oats and are free of gluten and soy, as well as being non-GMO and kosher. Not only does the inclusion of oats make their bars filling and satisfying, but they also pack plenty of probiotics, supporting healthy gut health. For my review, I was able to try a number of their bars, bites and toaster pastries, and here's what I thought of each one.

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The Bars

Oat Bars Bestsellers Variety 12-Pack: $29.88

I started my Bobo's journey with their Bestsellers Variety Pack of oat bars, including Original, Chocolate Chip and Coconut flavors of their bars. The bars are 3 oz. each, and I started with the Original flavor to get a baseline of what the brand was all about.

I was really pleasantly surprised by the first bite. It was hearty and a little sweet, like a heaping spoon of lightly sweetened oatmeal, presented in a bar form without being too dry. I enjoyed it a lot and was surprised to find that less than halfway through the bar, I was already feeling full. I actually had to use a clip to secure the bar, and come back to the rest of it the following day because it was so filling! I also felt great after eating it, like I had a bunch of natural energy propelling me.

The same was the case for the other flavors. The Chocolate Chip was identical, except that being embedded with tasty chocolate chips made it even easier to eat (even if I didn't feel like finishing the whole thing in one go). And I'm not usually much of a coconut fan, but the nutty sweetness of the fruit just works in these bars. In fact, the Coconut might have been my favorite of the main bars! And while I personally halve the bars when I snack on them in the mornings, some people may like that they're huge and filling. The nice thing is that you can always keep them in their wrapper if needed, so you can return to it the following day if it's too much for you (like it is for me).

Bobo's oat bar multipack

(via Bobo's)


Strawberry Jam Toaster Pastries 24-pack: $37.99

One of the things that drew me most to Bobo's was the fact that they have toaster pastries. Who doesn't like a hot, fresh breakfast pastry right out of the toaster? I heated up one of these Strawberry Jam Toaster Pastries in my toaster oven for a bit before biting in, and was a little surprised with the similarity it had to the oat bars that came before it. While it does get a little crispy on the outsides, the pastry itself has that same soft oat texture. Of course, the best part is when you get a mouthful of the strawberry jam inside. I think these could do with a bit more jam to be made even more delicious, but they were still super appetizing, and one of the first Bobo's products we finished in my household.

Bobo's strawberry jam toaster pastries

(via Bobo's)


Cinnamon Brown Sugar Toaster Pastries 24-pack: $37.99

After I toasted up my first Cinnamon Brown Sugar Toaster Pastry, I was surprised to find that it was even tastier than the strawberry flavor that had come before it. The mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar seemed to pair even better with the oat pastry, ensuring that the flavor was apparent in every bite.

Bobo's cinnamon brown sugar toaster pastries

(via Bobo's)


Original With Chocolate Chips Oat Bites 30-pack: $26.94 

Now, Bobo's Oat Bites are more my speed. Their 1.3 oz. size makes them perfectly snackable, and seems to be just the right size to satisfy me and leave me feeling full. This Original With Chocolate Chips oat bite was pretty much identical to the bar, but in a size that better suited my needs.

Bobo's chocolate chip oatt bites

(via Bobo's)


Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bites 30-pack: $26.94

The Lemon Poppyseed version of the oat bite was just as good as it sounds. It's the same oaty bar as the classic at its base, but with sweet, bright lemon flavor apparent in every bite, plus the slightly nutty taste of the crunchy poppyseed throughout. If you're typically a fan of lemon poppyseed bagels and breads, you're going to love this bar.

Bobo's lemon poppyseed oat bites

(via Bobo's)


Strawberry Stuff'd Oat Bites 30-pack: $26.94

If there's one variety of products from Bobo's I love most, it has to be their Stuff'd Oat Bites. They're the classic Bobo's oat bar, but stuffed with tasty fillings, and the strawberry jam inside of this one brings out the very best of Bobo's. It's sweet and fruity, yet tart, and complements the texture and flavor of the oats perfectly. If you're going to start anywhere with the brand, I recommend these, first.

Bobo's strawberry stuff'd oat bites

(via Bobo's)


Apple Pie Stuff'd Oat Bites 30-pack: $26.94

As good as the Strawberry Stuff'd Oat Bites are, I love the Apple Pie variety even more. The filling in these oat bites is made with vibrant apples and cinnamon, so that every bite of these oat bites really is like you're eating a slice of apple pie. Of course, I could do with even more filling, but they're delicious through and through, and my very favorite snack I've tried from Bobo's—at least so far.

Bobo's apple pie stuff'd oat bites

(via Bobo's)


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Bottom Line

If you're looking for a satisfying and filling snack bar made with great ingredients, Bobo's has you covered. They may be a little pricier than your average grocery store bars, but that's because they're just plain better in almost every way. If there's one downside, it's that buying online means you have to buy in bulk. Still, they taste good enough that this probably won't be a problem.


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