Do You Suffer From Body Acne? Don't Stress—Just Read These Expert Tips

Acne on your face is bad enough, but on your body, too? When you're faced with blemishes, it can feel like there's no end in sight—and having them all over you is a surefire way to keep you covered up.

But whether you suffer from the issue or simply want to proactively attack it before it attacks you, it's important to know how to combat body acne.

To provide expertise, we reached out to Elana Drell-Szyfer, CEO of RéVive Skincare. Aside from Elana being a general skincare connoisseur, RéVive just celebrated the launch of their two-part Supérieur Body collection (consisting of a nightly renewal serum and renewal firming cream)—so Elana can especially speak on the topic at hand.

"Body acne is a big teen concern," Elana tells Sweety High. "It's exfoliation and unclogging of the pores that kind of helps that, so I think the [RéVive] body serum could be really good for that. The serum is very much powerhouse packed with great skincare ingredients, focusing on cell turnover, of course, bio-renewal protein, exfoliation, a mix of glycolic and lactic acid—so, something for immediate exfoliation and something that's a little bit more over time."

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Recognizing an increase in people showing (more than) a little skin, her company took action.

"I just think people are very body-conscious," Elana says. "With the rise of athleisure, people are showing their arms and legs more. People are just interested in taking care of their skin all over. So, we took a very treatment-focused approach, as opposed to only moisturizing or only comfort."

RéVive's products aside, Elana actually gains much insight from her three teenage daughters. 

"I know what I know [about body acne] from my girls, and what the dermatologist says," she explains. "So, basically, they always say it's easier to be ahead of [skincare concerns] than to be chasing them. They recommend a really good cleanser for the shoulders, the back and [the rest of the body]. They suggest using water that's not too hot. People like body brushes, but using a brush that's too harsh exacerbates things. Dry the area well, and just kind of stay on top of it."

A commonly overlooked contributing factor to body acne is a simple one that Elana can't stress more: "If you work out, definitely shower afterward!"


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