Boie USA's Sleek, Eco-Friendly Products Will Redefine Your Daily Routine

It's not often that a toothbrush really sparks my curiosity, but that's exactly what happened when I stumbled upon one of Boie USA's brushes on Instagram.

The pastel-colored brush appeared to consist of a long, wavy plastic handle, with bristles that almost looked like they were made of exactly the same material. How exactly would that work, and what made this brush special?

I had to find out, so I reached out to the company, who was kind enough to send me not only their toothbrush, but also their innovative body scrubber, to review—and here's what I discovered.

The Products

Boie USA is all about making high-quality personal care products that last, meaning that customers don't have to replace them as frequently, which means less waste. Plus, they're also highly specialized, having only two products—a body scrubber and a toothbrush (plus replacement brush heads)—in their online store.

Both items are made of thermoplastic elastomers, which is a fancy way of saying they're a rubber-plastic hybrid. The result is a material that's durable, yet flexible. Best of all, when you're done with either product, the entire thing is totally recyclable. That all sounds great on paper, but I had to try them out for myself to see if they were really worth the Instagram hype.

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The Experience

As soon as my bundle of Boie goodies arrived, I could tell they'd be totally different from what I'd seen before. They came in recycled cardboard boxes without any extra plastic to toss, and they were just as vibrant and cute in person as they'd looked online.

First, I knew I had to test out the toothbrush. While the slightly curved handle was rigid, the bristles were soft and pliable, like thin rubbery strands. They didn't feel like typical bristles, and were quite a bit thicker than the ones you'd find on a traditional brush, and the texture was pleasant to the touch.


But the real test came when it was time to brush. I squeezed some toothpaste onto the brush and started the process, finding that I actually enjoyed the sensation of brushing for once. The rubbery bristles were really gentle on my gums but tough enough to get rid of any icky plaque on my teeth. When I was done, my mouth felt just as fresh and clean as it does after I use my $100-plus electric brush.

I've been using the brush now for nearly two months, and so far I prefer it to my electric one. I'm used to brushing to a timer, so it was a little strange to have to time each session in my head, but a lot of the time I'll find that I zone out and brush even longer than I would have in the past. There's also something novel about it, and I've felt that brushing has felt like less of a chore since using Boie.

Since it's supposed to last twice as long as a traditional nylon toothbrush, I think I'll be able to use it for a while without making any replacements. With other brush heads, I've seen a noticeable deterioration on the bristles after only a month or so, but even after using it twice a day for a couple of months, I don't detect any wear and tear at all.  The Boie toothbrush head comes off easily when you need to replace it, but I think I'm still months away from needing to do so.


And I'm just as big of a fan of Boie's body scrubber. It doesn't resemble any other scrubbers I've seen, consisting of a flat round shape with three finger holes and packed with small rubbery bristles on one side. The bristles feel just like the ones from their toothbrush, which leads me to believe that they're really on to something.

Just apply a little soap and the scrubber feels amazing as it glides across your skin. It creates an awesome lather, and I found that it lightly exfoliated my skin with a touch that was gentler than a shower pouf while still ensuring that I was perfectly clean every time I stepped out of the shower. The only tricky part was getting used to holding it, but once I found my preferred method there was no going back.

It's also really convenient to store in the shower. While the holes mean you can dangle it from your shower rack, my favorite thing is that the sleek back of the scrubber adheres to my shower tiles when it's damp. I discovered this completely by accident, but it makes my life a lot easier to have the scrubber stuck to the wall and ready for me whenever I bathe.


In my experience, it also seems a lot more hygienic than a washcloth, shower pouf or loofah. In the past, I've had to replace those every couple of months or so because they get gunky and gross over time. I haven't had this issue with Boie so far, and according to their website, it should last me at least six months.


Bottom Line

There's something about Boie's products, whether it's the aesthetic or the great functionality, that makes me want to return to them again and again. Though they might cost a little more than what you're used to—the shower scrubber costs $8 while the toothbrush costs $10 and replacement heads cost $5—it's worth the investment because they last longer and are more sustainable, too.

I also find solace in the fact that, if and when my scrubber and brush get too worn out, I can just pop them in the recycling bin and not have to worry about them getting sent to a landfill. And if you live somewhere where it's tough to recycle, you can even send them back to the company and they'll recycle them for you. Even if the products are a little gimmicky, they work, and they make my daily routine a lot more enjoyable.


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