5 Bold Texts to Send Your Crush That Pretty Much Guarantee a Date

When you get that dizzy, heart-beating-fast, pit-in-your-stomach feeling about a person, chances are you're crushing on them… hard.

But how do you let them know about your feelings? How do you get to know them better and see if your relationship could blossom? The first step is by going on a date with them. If you're willing to put yourself out there a bit more than usual, listen up!

Below are five bold text messages to send your crush that pretty much guarantee a date:

1. 'You looked cute in class today???? just thought you should know'

Everyone, and we mean everyone, likes receiving compliments. Make their day by letting them know they looked cute when you last saw them. It's a fun way to start some flirty banter with your crush. They'll likely thank you for your nice comment and in return, give one of their own. From there, let them lead the conversation into dating territory, and if they stray, lead them back by asking them what their plans are for the weekend.

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2. 'Make the first move and ask me out right now'

If you're down to be super bold with your crush, this is the perfect text for you to send. You're being witty by telling them to make the first move, when in actuality, it's really you who's making the first move by asking them to ask you out. They'll appreciate your forwardness and most likely ask you out on the spot. This text is great for the crush who needs directness, because let's face it: Not everyone knows how to read flirty signals.


3. 'Do you want to hang out this weekend? Scratch that, we're hanging out this weekend'

This text is not only bold, but it's clever and rather funny, too! By showing them you've got a sense of humor, you're already starting to win them over. When they respond with something amusing back to you, make sure to have some sort of plan on how to carry out the rest of your convo. Do you want to have them plan your date? Would you rather take the reins? Whatever you decide, make sure you talk it over with your crush so that you have a solid game plan in place.

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4. 'Are you dating anyone at the moment?'

Only ask this if you know they're not dating anyone. Imagine if they were in a relationship… you'd feel very awkward—so it's best to have all your bases covered. Once you've sent them the text and they say "no," respond back with something sharp like, "Well, would you like to?" We guarantee they'll be smiling on their side of the screen, happy you had the guts to be so direct with them. When they inevitably ask you out on an official date, just remember you have us to thank.


5. 'I had a dream you asked me to prom. Want to make it a reality?'

Whether it's prom, homecoming, Valentine's Day or just a Friday night, this message is gold. By letting them know you had a dream about them, they'll be flattered at the least, even if they know you made it up as an excuse to send them a flirty text. And when you throw in, "Want to make it a reality?" you've put the ball in their court. If your crush respects and appreciates a direct, no-games-allowed type of girl, you'll totally score a date.

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