Book By Book Campaign With Laura Marano!

Laura Marano recently joined a live chat with Extra to talk all about her recent  involvement with the awesome Book By Book Campaign by Capital One!Book By Book Campaign- Laura Marano

Laura got involved with the foundation because she is such a fan of books.

"I am an avid reader, I get obsessed," she said. "When I read a book I spazz out."

Capital One, Communities in Schools and the Heart of America Foundation team up together every year for the Book by Book campaign, which delivers books to students and spreads a love for reading!

"It gives books to underprivileged kids in low income families and donates to their school libraries that aren't too well stocked," Laura explained.

During this year's campaign, Laura visited schools in New York and Washington D.C. and handed out more than 3000 books to students!

The campaign also aimed to get likes on the Facebook page for Capital One Investing For Good. The more likes the page got, the more books would get donated.

"We reached our goal," Laura said. "We had to get 50,000 likes, and we did. We donated 50,000 books."

She had an amazing time handing out books, answering questions and reading some of her favorite childhood books aloud to such adorable kids.

When she asked the students how many of them liked to read, she only expected a few hands. She was really pleasantly surprised when everyone raised their hand.

"They were so thankful and so happy to be reading," Laura said. "They really wanted the opportunity to have those books so they could read."

In the past, Laura has also worked with UNICEF. It's amazing to see that Laura is involved with such awesome causes!

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