Post the Best Boomerangs on Instagram by Following These Helpful Tips

Boomerangs are taking over Instagram.

Whether you're a pro at using the video editing app or don't even know what it is, we're revealing five helpful tips everyone should follow to capture some seriously ace Boomerangs.

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1. Hold Your Phone Steady

The key to capturing flawless Boomerangs is keeping your phone stable. You won't properly be able to shoot the action you desire if you're hand is shaking. If you have to use a tripod to help you out with this, by all means do it!


2. Remember That Boomerangs Aren't GIFs

When you're shooting a GIF, you usually want it to start and end in the same spot to get the loop just right. That's not the case with a Boomerang. Because a Boomerang plays a video forwards and backwards on a loop, you want the starting and stopping points to end in totally different places. As you can see from the clip below, the Boomerang starts with the car about to take the turn and then finishes off with it actually turning. This allows it to loop in the perfect forwards and backwards motion.

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3. Take Multiple Boomerangs

From the Boomerang above, you can bet that plenty of trial and error went into perfecting the clip. More often than not, you won't capture the action you want on the first try. Don't let this discourage you. Just keep trying, because eventually you'll end up with exactly what you want. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a few options to choose from when deciding just the Boomerang to post on your Insta feed.


4. Unlock Hidden Settings

While you can't necessarily edit Boomerangs like you can an Insta pic, there are a few settings you can mess with to change how your Boomerang is shot. To unlock these secret settings, tap on the display screen four times rapidly while using four fingers. It may take a minute for the screen to pop up, so just keep tapping away until it does. Once the settings appear, you can mess with the resolution, frame count, capture frame rate and loop mode.

Boomerang secret settings


5. Don't Be Afraid to Keep It Simple

One mistake people make with Boomerangs is trying to capture something far too intricate and grand. A simple clip of you twirling in your fave skirt or riding down the street on your skateboard can make great Boomerangs, so don't rule them out as options.


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