6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence Before You Talk to Your Crush

If the thought of talking to your crush makes your head swim and your palms sweat, it might be that all you need is a little more confidence.

It's not always easy to feel like you have everything under control when a crush is involved, but it's possible. Follow these six simple tips to find out how you can boost your confidence before you talk to the person you like.

Wear Something You Love

When you know you're going to be around your crush, your first instinct might be to wear something that you think will attract their attention. Instead, it can be more beneficial to impress someone else: yourself. What do you think looks super cute on you? What makes you feel the most comfortable in your own skin? Feeling like the best version of yourself is going to do so much more for you than trying to impress them. In fact, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with your style might make you too focused on how you look to form a real connection. And with all of that in mind, remember that your looks are secondary to your actions when you talk to the person you adore.

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Smell Good

Smelling good may sound super obvious, but it's something you might forget about in the midst of your nerves. You'll probably want to be squeaky clean when you talk to your crush, so shower strategically and keep up those good tooth-brushing habits. If you know you're going to talk to them later, avoid stinky foods and have chewing gum or mints on hand to freshen up beforehand. Definitely don't forget to wear deodorant, and if you like, spritz yourself with a delicate fragrance (though you'll probably want to avoid something too strong). If you smell amazing, you'll feel amazing, too, and that'll set you up for success.


Psych Yourself Up

Confidence starts with believing in yourself, so try reinforcing why you're awesome to get into a positive mindset. Take stock of whatever it is that you like most about yourself, from pieces of your personality to expertise and achievements to physical attributes, and bask in your own greatness. Think of all of the reasons your crush might like you back, and let the positivity sink in. Repeat those things to yourself and really believe in them, and you might even start thinking you'll be doing them a favor.


Remember That They're Just a Person

No matter how highly you think of your crush, you've got to remember that they're a flesh and blood human being, just like you. If you're worried about saying the wrong thing or making a fool of yourself in front of them, keep in mind that they've probably been there, too. They might even feel the same way about you. The better you can recognize that they're the same as anyone else, the easier it'll be to have a regular, non-awkward conversation with them.

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Anticipate the Outcome

Since you have no idea how things will go when you talk to your crush, it can be helpful to think about a range of potential outcomes. The worst-case scenario might mean outright rejection, while the best case might mean that the two of you can become something more than friends. As long as you anticipate a response somewhere in between those two extremes, you'll be in the right mindset to handle anything.

It's also important to realize that even a rejection doesn't mean the end of the world. As bad as that might sound, nothing horrible will actually happen if they're not interested in you. If you're not close to them to begin with, it probably won't change your interactions with them at all—and once their feelings are clear, you might even become more confident around them. When you go in prepared for anything, you won't overthink the situation, and the less you overthink, the more naturally you'll act. That's definitely a good thing.


Seriously, Be Yourself

It may sound like a huge cliché, but nothing is going to make you more confident than being the best version of yourself. Don't pretend to like the same things that your crush likes or pretend to be an expert in the subjects that interest them if they don't really appeal to you. Be honest and open, and appeal to them by expressing interest and asking questions about the things you actually want to know more about. That honest connection will get you a lot further than lying to fake compatibility.

If you try to be someone else, it also takes up precious brain space, and you might end up flustering yourself and acting weird around them when you should be enjoying yourself. Plus, if they wind up liking that false version of you, you'll have to continue putting up that facade around them, and they might be disappointed when you finally reveal who you truly are. Understand that if they don't like you for you, then it wasn't meant to be, and rock your unique personality with confidence. Beyond maintaining a little eye contact and remembering to smile, there's nothing you should do but be you.

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