15 Inspiring Captions for Cheering on the Boston Celtics in the NBA Playoffs

This year's NBA playoffs are getting heated, with the score currently tied between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors, and if you're rooting for the Celtics to take it home, you're in exactly the right place.

Ready to see the Warriors run off with their tails between their legs? Then you need to be cheering on your team all over social media—and we've gathered some of the very best quotes to use as Instagram captions to show your support for the Celtics in these last games.

For when you're uniting with your fellow Celtics supporters for the greater good:


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For celebrating another win with Gino on the Jumbotron:

"Gino time!"


For showing the Celtics aren't scared of any team:

"We're a basketball team, not a track team. We're not running from people."

-Ime Udoka


For when you're dancing with joy at the score:

"You should be dancing, yeah."

-The Bee Gees, "You Should Be Dancing"


For when things are looking bad for the team, but you know they'll get better:

"I've always said, 'Before you see the rainbow, it has to storm.'"

-Marcus Smart

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For the pic of you shouting your heart out for the Celtics:

"In life, if you stay quiet, you'll get left behind."

-Jaylen Brown


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For your most festive playoffs celebration:

"The playoffs bring the best out of people."

-Jayson Tatum


For when you're wearing your lucky jersey to support the team:

"I try to be a team guy and I try to help the team in whatever way that I can."

-Al Horford


For when the Celtics put on a killer show:

"This was a respect game. We wanted to show we're here."

-Robert Williams III


For when you're painted green from head to toe:

"I bleed green."

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For when your whole family is in on the action:

"The Boston Celtics are not a basketball team, they are a way of life."

-Red Auerbach.


For when your entire house is decked out in Celtics fan gear:

"I love being a Celtic, we have 17 banners on the wall… that's it. We don't celebrate individual stuff."

-Doc Rivers


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For the green clover that'll bring the team all the good vibes:

"Got my lucky clover for the Celtics."

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For cheering on the team with the best defense all season:

"The best offense is a good defense."


For when you know your team is going to win that 18th title:

"It's all about 18."


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