10 Clever Instagram Captions for All Your Bowling Alley Pics

Some summer days are just way too hot to spend outside. That's why bowling alleys were invented, right?

If you're also planning on spending some sweltering summer days bowling, you're probably going to take some cute pics along the way. We have the perfect Instagram caption for each of those moments.

For the shot of you with ball in hand, poised to make your throw:

"Bowling is right up my alley."


For the pic of you and your besties in a row, holding up your bowling balls:

"This is how we roll."

Regular Show: Rigby, Benson, Skips, Mordecai and Pops at the bowling alley

(Regular Show via Cartoon Network)


For the moment following your perfect bowling comeback:

"I have talent to spare."


For that traumatizing moment when the last two pins are on opposite sides of your lane:

"Split happens."

Bobs Burgers: Tina Belcher frustrated at the bowling alley

(Bob's Burgers via Fox)


For the pic of the scoreboard when you're on your way to a perfect score:

"300 isn't just a number. It's a destination."


For the pic of you cooly walking back after you land a strike:

"They see me bowlin', they hatin'."


For the shot of you getting in the zone to bowl a spare:

"Spare me the details."

Clarence: Jeff bowling

(Clarence via Cartoon Network)


For the pic of you living your best life, despite gutterball after gutterball:

"When I'm knocked down, I always get back up."


For the pic of you and your friends luxuriating in an air-conditioned bowling alley on a scorching-hot day:

"Fact: No one has ever gotten sunburnt in a bowling alley."


For the photo of you in your ugly-but-functional bowling shoes:

"Good shoes take you good places."


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