5 Palettes Similar to the Sold-Out Box of Crayons iShadow

Did you miss the boat on swooping up the highly coveted Box of Crayons iShadow palette?

Yes, we know it's sadly sold-out with no signs of a restock anytime soon, which is why we've compiled a list of our fave eye shadow palettes similar to the vibrant hues found inside the iShadow palette.

You've got options: shop a similar dupe below or wait with bated breath for the Box of Crayons to replenish its shelves… the choice is yours!

Box of Crayons iShadow Palette

(via the Crayon Case)

Ofra Cosmetics Bright Addictions Palette: $59

These bright, bold colors are rich in pigment and offer many of the same shades in the Box of Crayons palette, like that rich fuchsia and intense orange. Not only is this palette good for the eyes, it can be used for body painting as well.



(via ULTA)


NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette: $18

If you're looking for an easy, budget-friendly alternative, then you should definitely pick up this NYX palette. It covers almost all the shades in the Box of Crayons and then some. The shadows are velvety rich in texture and very pigmented.

NYX Palette

(via Kohls)


SHANY Cosmetics Bold and Bright Collection: $16

If you're looking for every shadow of the crayon box and basically every shadow shade available, then this Shany cosmetics palette from Amazon is perfect for you!

Amazon Rainbow Shany palette

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JC Penney Violet Voss Rainbow Palette: $30

This pretty palette doesn't have quite the intensity of the shades in the Box of Crayons palette, but we're into the variation, the galactic theme and all the blue and purple options.

JC Penny Violet Voss Set

(via JC Penney)


Too Faced Life's a Festival Palette: $42

If you're looking for a palette that's as cute on the outside as the shadows are quality on the inside, look no further than Too Faced's Life's a Festival palette, which is literally a rainbow. The palette has a variety of rainbow shades with a hint of shimmer.

Too Faced Lifes a Party Palette

(via HSN)


And while we're talking about colorful eyeshadow, we dare you to try out the rainbow eyeshadow trend HERE.