11 Truths You'll Only Relate to If You're Boy Crazy

Ah, boys.

They can make us, break us and everything in-between—but how much fun is it to get all googly-eyed over the latest lad to pass by us in the hallway?

For better or worse, if you're boy crazy and just can't quit, you'll relate to the following truths. Don't worry, no one's judging here!

1. It doesn't take much to develop a crush. Whether it's a guy who laughed at your dumb joke in biology, the dude who asked you for a stick of gum in math class or the boy who addressed you by name midway through campus, the fact that they gave you the time of day is all the more reason to start crushing. Could they possibly like you back?

Girl smiling at guy who taps her shoulder

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2. How you feel about a particular class all comes down to whether or not there's someone crushable in it. Even the worst subject can be totally interesting (or not), all depending on whether or not one of your many hopeful suitors is present.

3. You basically have a book's worth of nicknames you and your BFF have compiled for the slew of guys who make you swoon.

4. Best guy friends are not off limits. You're boy crazy! They're a boy!

5. Your squad starts to tune you out after a while. There are only so many names and minor scenarios for them to keep up with. They pretend to listen and care, but really, they're so not listening.

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6. Personality? What's personality? If a guy is even remotely attractive, he has crush material all over him. But then again, you're boy crazy, so if a guy is funny, athletic, popular or all of the above, all the more reason to get to crushin'!

7. Just because a guy has made it clear he's not interested in you doesn't mean he's off limits. You have the magical ability to ignore that he's either taken or legit does. not. like. you. as you continue to crush along.

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8. Age ain't nothin' but a number! While some people wouldn'dare date or crush on someone outside of their grade, you do not discriminate. Younger, older—doesn't matter.

9. Your diary is chock-full of notations of all the times your guy crushes have talked to you, and of course, verbatim what they said.

Girl thinking as she's writing in her diary

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10. You can totally see a future with any given guy crush. Like it's totally going to happen. Whether it's realistic or not is another story, but in your mind, you're already fastening in *insert any guy here*'s prom corsage, you're taking romantic walks on the beach, you're running through fields together…

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11. You're pretty fearless and can't hold in your attraction. You've made it clear to a handful of these guys that you're super into it—even if the feeling isn't reciprocated.


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