Boys Are Dogs Is Zendaya's Next Big Move!

It was recently announced that Zendaya is set to star in a Disney Channel Original Movie based on the book Boys Are Dogs by Leslie Margolis called ZappedBoys Are Dogs movie will star Zendaya

The news follows Nickelodeon's recent announcement that "Shake It Up" will be ending after the third season of the show, which airs this summer and ends in the fall.

With "Shake It Up" over, Zendaya took no time to find another project!

Zendaya will star as Annabella, a girl who finds herself in a very new world after the transition from her all-girls school to a school that runs wild with boys.

Throughout her time at her new school, Annabella realizes that boys, like dogs, might be trainable.

We can't wait to hear more about this new Zendaya movie Unleashed! Will you be tuning it?