Boys World Dish on Their More Mature and Empowered Sound in New Single 'So What'

The wait is over! At long last, L.A.-based girl group Boys World is back with their highly anticipated single, "SO WHAT," and it's everything we could have wanted it to be.

It's clear how much the quintet has grown since their last single, "Something in the Water," moving into a new era with a more mature and empowered sound, which comes through in every second of the sizzling new track and its music video. If you're like us and have been watching their progress on TikTok, you know just how far they've come—and we seriously can't wait to see where they're headed next. We got the chance to ask the group all about the new single, its lyrics and what it means to them, and here's what Boys World shared with us.

The Story Behind 'SO WHAT'

Boys World: "SO WHAT" is about someone wanting you back, but it's too late. It's all about standing up for yourself and knowing your self-worth, especially after a breakup.


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What 'SO WHAT' Means

Boys World: We want everyone to feel confident and empowered while they listen to this song! This new era of music for us is about being unapologetically ourselves, and "SO WHAT" sets the tone.

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Favorite Lyrics

Boys World: We all have a different favorite lyric that represents how each of us relates to the song, but we love how sassy and powerful, "Boy, I know you miss me, so what?" and "That's your problem, it's not mine!" are.

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