9 Stylish Instagram Captions for Every Photo of Your Hair in Braids

A head full of intricate braids is just the thing to elevate your whole look from average to inspiring.

Love braiding your hair? Use one of these stylish Instagram captions the next time you want to show off your gorgeous tresses.

For the selfie putting your regal crown braids on display:

"I am a queen crowned in curls."

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For when your braid game is on point:

"Can't throw shade at these braids."


For the photo of your flawless french braids:

"Say bonjour to this french braid."


For when you've been in a braids mood lately:

"A girl without braids is like a city without bridges."

-Roman Payne

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For when you feel like venting about your hair, your life and everything in between:

"My braid is falling apart—just like everything else."


For when you woke up with major bedhead, but a few simple braids have fixed everything:

"Braids solve any bad hair day."


For when your hair just isn't behaving:

"A moment of silence for this strand that won't stick in the braid."


For the cute, beachy pic showing off your fishtail braid:

"A fishtail fit for a mermaid."

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For when you're really proud of your nimble braid work:

"These braids make the grade."


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