How Brandon Jenner's Daughter and a Dance Festival Inspired His Latest Track, 'Vibrations'

Brandon Jenner released the vivacious single "Vibrations" at the end of June, and it hasn't left our heads yet.

The L.A.-born and-bred singer-songwriter has always had an innovative and unique approach to his music, and we weren't at all surprised to discover that the new track began as an explainer for his young daughter on what "vibrations" are in the world around her. Before long, it transformed into a shimmery summer single with an unforgettable riff that's sure to get you moving—and we had the opportunity to chat with Brandon to find out more about its inception, his favorite lyrics and more.

The Story Behind 'Vibrations'

Brandon Jenner: I began to write "Vibrations" after my 6-year-old daughter asked me what the word "Vibrations" meant. I made up a quick little song to help her understand the context in which she heard the word. A few weeks later, I found myself at an event called Ecstatic Dance in Venice, California. I was so impressed by the people there and how they were able to let themselves move freely without any concern for what others may think. That's where I got the inspiration for the rest of the lyrics.


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What 'Vibrations' Means

BJ: For me, this song serves as a reminder to express myself to the fullest, free from the filter of other people's opinions. It is an everyday practice and can be embraced in every aspect of my life.

Brandon Jenner learning into car

(Photo credit: Magdalena Wosinska)


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Brandon's Favorite Lyric

BJ: "I can smell the sweat rolling down your back losing altitude." I can just see it so clearly in my mind for some reason—a bead of sweat rolling down the center of a woman's back. I also like the cool use of the word "altitude," which can be a hard word to work into any lyric.

Brandon Jenner smiling in the shadows of the inside of a bar

(Photo credit: Magdalena Wosinska)


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