7 Stylish Brands That Give Back

Buying clothing and accessories is almost always a satisfying feeling. What's even more satisfying, is knowing that the brand you're buying from is using their profit to help support those in need.

The following seven stylish brands aim to empower, give back and better this world. That is something that makes emptying our wallets worthwhile.


1. DIFF Eyewear

What They Sell: Affordable, handmade (and not to mention stunning) sunglasses. ????

How They're Giving Back: For each pair of sunglasses sold, they give a pair of reading glasses to "Eyes on Africa," another non-profit organization focusing on distributing reading glasses in African countries. 


2. Sand Cloud

What They Sell: Mostly accessories for your next beach trip. Their store is full of colorful beach blankets and towels perfect for lounging in the sand.

How They're Giving Back: Purchasing one of their products helps preserve the ocean, beaches and marine life. A total of 10% of their net profit is donated to organizations that share a common mission, including The Surfrider Foundation, The Pacific Marine Mammal Center and the San Diego Coast Keeper. 

What They Sell: Conversation-starting prints and shirts. 

How They're Giving Back: Sevenly specializes in setting up weekly, monthly and sometimes daily campaigns for seven different causes at a time. How cool is that? You can visit the site and support causes including cancer, education or the environment all in one place. 


4. Half United

What They Sell: Loads of accessories, but primarily recycled bullet necklaces.

How They're Giving Back: The goal of Half United is to end global hunger. For every Half United product you purchase, you are donating seven meals to a child in need. Pretty incredible, huh?


5. Lovesick

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What They Sell: Clothing for confident and curvy girls sizes 10-26.

How They're Giving Back: First of all, let's just take a second to appreciate Love Sick's inspiring mission: Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good. They're doing good by donating a portion of what you spend to help educate girls in need. That's something we can get behind. ????


6. The Little Market

What They Sell: Beautiful handmade fair trade products from artisans around the world.

How They're Giving Back: This shop, co-founded by Lauren Conrad, is dedicated to supporting and empowering female artisans around the world. Every purchase from the store helps produce income for the global artisans and their families. ????


7. Krochet Kids Intl.

Two of a kind. 'the Devin' and 'the Cooper' in Mango are even better together. {link in profile}

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What They Sell: Handcrafted apparel, headwear, bags and accessories. Fun fact: Every handmade piece is signed by the woman who made it.

How They're Giving Back: This company strives to tell a story of empowerment. They equip "highly vulnerable" women in poverty-stricken regions of the world with the resources and skills they need to rise above poverty. Truly inspiring.


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