11 Things You'll Relate to If You Shop at Brandy Melville

Ah, Brandy Melville.

When it comes to this store, our feelings are a little mixed. Do we love their trendy basics and cool girl vibes? Yes. Do we hate their lack of sizing options and sudden need to strictly embrace '90s vibes? Also, yes.

If you've ever been to Brandy Melville, then you know what we mean when we say it's quite the experience. Keep scrolling for 11 things you'll relate to if you shop at this interesting store.

1. Just walking in the store makes you feel like you're in a '90s dream. Crop tops and mom jeans are the predominant clothing choices, so if you're looking for anything different, you might as well leave now.

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2. Once you get past the crop top/mom jean section, you'll be surprised to find that the store actually has more options. Oddly enough, you can either buy a teeny-tiny crop top or a hugely oversized t-shirt. There is no in between.

3. Even though some of the clothing options are less-than-enticing, the prices talk you into staying. You might not fall in love with their oversized sweatshirts, but you can't walk away when almost everything is under $40.

4. Despite the array of sometimes-odd clothing, you often go to Brandy just for the vibe. The salespeople are just so chill and oddly self-assured? You just want to be like them, okay?!

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5. You seriously never know if something's going to fit. One size fits all? Yeah, only if that one size is a double zero.

6. You can try to eyeball whether or not the clothes will actually fit you, but you'll probably be wrong. Holding up a teeny-tiny crop top to your body and trying to gauge if it looks right isn't all that easy.

7. If you want to buy Brandy clothes, you have to try them on. You walk through the store and pile your favorite items into your arms, huffing and puffing as you carry all your potentials to the dressing room.

8. Once in the dressing room, it's pretty much hit or miss. One skirt won't go past your hips, but another isn't tight enough to sit snugly at the smallest part of your waist. How can one size fit all if all the sizes are different?!

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9. Depending on how the day is going, you might walk away with a ton of items that fit perfectly or you might vow never to return again after you struggled to take off the sixth shirt in a row.

10. Despite the ups and downs of shopping at Brandy Melville, you have to admit their basics are fire. There's no better place to find vintage-esque baby doll tees or '90s-worthy tanks.

11. Difficult as it may be to shop at Brandy, you'll always go back. You need that California girl aesthetic, whether you're willing to admit it or not.


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