Brave Fest San Diego To Feature Our Favorite Stars!

Brave Fest San Diego is taking place on July 19, 2014, and will be featuring some of the web's biggest stars, including a very special secret headliner that we can't wait to announce!Brave Fest San Diego

Brave Fest, powered by Mobli, Hype! and Sweety High, is a music festival as well as a meet and greet, where fans can go see their favorite social celebrities and musicians at an awesome all-day event!

Brave Fest San Diego will feature more than 30 giant acts from the web, including Sam Pepper, Scotty Sire, Selfie C, Sweet Suspense and more. Destin Conrad, who stars in our first episode of DigiDiaries, and Sweety High social guru Mackenzie Gaston will also make appearances, and more acts are yet to be announced!

The event takes place July 19 at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, and tickets are on sale here!

Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and many more have just been added to the bill! Also be sure to stay tuned for a special headline announcement!

Excited for Brave Fest? Check out the lineup announced so far below and join our community at to tell us a little bit about your favorite web stars!

  • Aidan J. Alexander
  • Alexi Blue
  • Andrew Bazzi
  • Angelina Heart
  • Ava Allan
  • BigNik
  • Brandon Bassir
  • Breaking Tempo
  • Cailee Rae
  • Cameron Dallas
  • Carlos McManus
  • Casandra Ashe
  • Casey Berry
  • Chad Jaxon Perez
  • Chase Yamauchi
  • Cody Newkirk
  • David Alvarez
  • Destin Conrad
  • Devin Hayes
  • Dewan Abiojar
  • DJ Ardency
  • Dope Dougiee
  • Ezra Henderson
  • Gabby Berry
  • Gio Tomassetti
  • Grant Landis
  • Grayson Hunter Goss
  • Ian Rivera
  • Jack Leonard
  • Jackie Young
  • Jarred Labarrie
  • JCity
  • Jeffrey Miller
  • Josh Leyva
  • J.R. Munoz
  • Justice Carradine
  • Kenny Holland
  • Lele Pons
  • Lexi Noel
  • Lexxi Saal
  • Lindsay Demeola
  • Mackenzie Gaston
  • Maddie Firmin
  • Maya Hope Haider
  • Midnight Red
  • Moody Tobellah
  • Nash Grier
  • Nick Kandler
  • Nick Pallauf
  • Rylie Brown
  • Sammi Sanchez
  • Scotty Sire
  • Sean Lusk
  • Selfie C
  • Sky Felts
  • Steven Kelly
  • Sweet Suspense
  • The Natural and Josh Santos
  • Todd Smith
  • Trevor & Austin McCarthy
  • Vanina Walsh