Show Off Some Freshly Baked Bread With These Instagram Captions

There's nothing better than a warm loaf of bread straight out of the oven.

And whether you made it yourself from scratch or got it from your favorite restaurant or bakery, one thing remains true—bread can do no wrong! We don't know about you, but we would eat bread every single day if we could. If you feel like showing off the freshly baked and delicious bread you're enjoying, use one of the following Instagram captions.

For when you're pulling bread out of the oven:

"Happiness is the smell of freshly baked bread."



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For when you're stuffing your face with bread:

"The answer is always bread."



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For when you're cutting up a loaf of bread:

"I loaf you."



For when you are buttering your bread:

"You are the butter to my bread."



For when you're picking up some bread from your local bakery:

"Love is like bread—it needs to be made fresh every day!"



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For when you're kneading dough:

"I knead this bread in my life."



For when bread is your significant other:

"Bread is love made visible."



For when you will eat any type of bread:

"Never met a bread I didn't like."



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For when the bread you're enjoying has a perfect golden crust:

"You're so golden."

-"Golden," Harry Styles


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For when you're eating your buttered bread and are in heaven:

"Name a better combination than bread and butter… I'll wait."



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