What's the Deal With Spotify's 'Only You' Feature? Here's the Breakdown

By now, we all know about Spotify's end-of-year "Wrapped" breakdowns, which feature personalized listening stats and more—but have you checked out your "Only You" page, yet?

Spotify's latest addition is a mid-year check-in to your listening habits, which injects a bit of astrological fun, and just like "Wrapped," it shows us all just how well Spotify knows us based on the music we listen to. But what exactly does "Only You" tell us, and how does it work? Keep reading for the full breakdown.

How to Get Your 'Only You' Analysis

Not sure how to get the goods? Just go to your Spotify mobile app (it doesn't seem to appear on desktop) and click on the Search icon. The "Only You" option should appear right at the top in all its yellow, purple and white glory.

The banner promises to help you "Find out how you listen" and discover "Which artists, songs and podcasts set you apart." And since nobody listens exactly like you, the results are stunningly accurate and telling about your personality and what you're all about.

Spotfiy: Only You Page

(via Spotify)


What You'll Learn

Your "Only You" page will reveal a lot about your musical listening habits, from the artists no one else is playing back-to-back quite like you to your "time traveling" habits as you jump between years to the unusual genres you're often swapping between. It'll also tell you which songs you're listening to, at which times of day, that set you apart from the rest. Plus, the more vast and varied your music library, the more likely it is that you'll get a unique result.

Spotfiy: Heroes at Night

(via Spotify)


Your Musical Zodiac

Our favorite aspect of the "Only You" page is its "Audio Birth Chart," which attributes a Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Soon to listeners based on their musical tastes. The sun sign is said to be the basis of your personality and is thus represented here with your top artist. The moon sign governs your emotions, so Spotify represents it with your most emotive artist, or the one that best matches your emotional moods. Lastly, the rising sign is all about how you present to others, and is selected here based on your most recent musical discovery—a rising artist, of sorts. Together, these three artists, which are potentially vastly different, can say a lot about you.

Spotfiy: sun moon and rising sign

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Your Dinner Party

Last, but definitely not least, Spotify allows you to plan your dream dinner party. They'll show you three of your top artists and allow you to pick one of them to invite to your dinner party. Once you do this three times, your dinner table is set, and the app allows you to add personal mixes, updated daily, to your playlists, so you can listen to your faves while discovering similar tracks and artists you'll love.

Spotfiy: The table is set

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Want to learn more about the astrology behind the feature? Click HERE to find out more about what your sun, rising and moon signs really say about you.