8 Ways to Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast and Totally Get Away With It

Can I get an amen if you're tired of the same boring breakfast routine?

We know just how to fix this problem. Two words: ice cream. No, it's not mom-approved to eat it for breakfast, but these recipes are about to change all that.

Scroll through for the breakfast revolution we've all been waiting for.

1. Breakfast Ice Cream

What's breakfast ice cream, you ask? Well, THIS crazy, amazing recipe happens to roll waffles and bacon into the ice cream base. Unheard of? Yes. Still completely yummy? Also, yes.

breakfast ice cream

(via The Candid Appetite)


2. Funfetti Waffles

This mouth-watering stack of waffles majorly puts the fun in funfetti. Sprinkles and ice cream aren't your typical waffle ingredients, but we decided it's time to shake things up. Read how to make them HERE.

Funfetti waffle with ice cream

(via The Worktop)


3. Bananas Foster Crepes

If the picture isn't already making you drool, we're not really sure about your life choices, rn. Crepes and bananas always bring us nothing but joy, and adding ice cream to the mix is just the cherry on top of a perfect breakfast meal. Find out how to make them HERE.

banana foster crepes with ice cream

(via Layers of Happiness)


4. Maple Bacon Waffle Ice Cream Cake

Cake and ice cream for breakfast sounds like utter madness, but once you get a load of this you won't want to eat anything but this in the morning. Add a little syrup to the recipe HERE and all will be right in your breakfast-eating world.

maple bacon waffle ice cream

(via Dizzy Busy and Hungry)


5. Banana Ice Cream Breakfast Parfait

Oatmeal, banana ice cream, cocoa and strawberries are just a few of the ingredients in this dessert-worthy breakfast. I mean, anything that tastes like dessert but can still be eaten before school is automatically a must in our book. View the recipe HERE.

banana ice cream breakfast parfait with strawberries

(via Running With Spoons)


6. Popcorn Pancake Ice Cream Sandwich

Hold onto your hats because we're about to blow you away. There is this crazy little thing called a popcorn pancake ice cream sandwich and it's every bit as weird and delicious as it sounds. Add a few bacon bits for extra flavor and you're in business. Follow the instructions HERE on how to make it.

popcorn pancake ice cream sandwich with bacon

(via Forkful)


7. Strawberry Swirl Breakfast Ice Cream

This dish is both pretty and healthy. All you have to do is blend strawberries and frozen bananas using the recipe HERE. You'll have yourself a nutritious breakfast ice cream that is nothing short of perfect.

strawberry swirl breakfast ice cream

(via Blissful Basil)


8. Breakfast Banana Bread Ice Cream

Banana bread-flavored ice cream with cinnamon and vanilla sounds like heaven—and whaddaya know, THIS recipe just happens to deliver. Who needs actual bread when you can have bread-flavored ice cream?

breakfast banana bread ice cream

(via Top With Cinnamon)


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