Every Breakfast-Obsessed Person Needs These Items

Breakfast—better known as the greatest meal of the day.

The only thing better is second breakfast, amirite?!

If you share this same sentiment, then keep scrolling for all the breakfast-inspired items you need in your life.

Bacon and Eggs Keychain: $14

We're pretty positive you'll never lose your keys again if they're attached to this sparkly bacon and eggs keychain.

Bacon and eggs keychain

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Breakfast Food Mug: $15.99

Dream of breakfast food as you sip your coffee, tea or even water out of this drool-worthy mug.

Assorted breakfast food mug

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Pancake Best Friends Necklace: $18

If your bestie is just as into breakfast food as you are, then you better get this necklace for the both of you.

Pancake best friends necklace

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Pop-Tarts Pillow: $20

How cute are these Pop-Tarts pillows? Whether you like strawberry, blueberry, vanilla or chocolate, there's a pillow for you!

Various pop-tarts pillows

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Bacon Soap: $11.95

Who doesn't love smelling like smoky meat, 24/7? It's also pretty ironic that this soap is 100% vegan, too.

Bacon soap

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Chocolate Croissant Earrings: $10

These chocolate croissant earrings look good enough to eat, but that probably wouldn't be the best thing to do.

Chocolate croissant earrings

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"I Go Nuts for Donuts" T-Shirt: $19.99

Because who doesn't?!

I Go Nuts for Donuts t-shirt

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FarmSteady Bagel and Cream Cheese Making Kit: $25

The only thing that's better than going out for breakfast is making your own breakfast.

FarmSteady bagel and cream cheese making kit

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Pancake Ring: $10

As if you needed more of an excuse to rock a pancake ring, this one is scented like maple syrup and butter. We'll take 12!

Maple syrup-scented pancake ring

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Breakfast Food Magnet Set: $25

Put these polymer clay breakfast foods on your fridge while your bacon and eggs rest peacefully inside.

Breakfast food magnet sets

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Fried Egg on Toast Pin: $9

This is quite frankly the only enamel pin you need to wear on your denim jacket.

Fried egg on toast lapel pin

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Bacon and Eggs iPhone Case: $6.90

We make the same face when we look at our place of bacon and eggs in the morning.

Bacon and eggs iPhone case

(via Forever 21)


Cinnamon Roll Purse: $117.26

Beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure.

Cinnamon roll purse

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Cereal Bowl Candle: $22

This candle smells like a bowl of the fruitiest Froot Loops. So yes, you do need it.

Froot Loops cereal candle

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"There Has Never Been a Sadness That Can't Be Cured by Breakfast Food" Print: $12

Have you ever read anything more relatable than this? Doubtful.

Ron Swanson's breakfast food quote from Parks and Rec

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