Breaking Dawn Star's Teary-eyed Confession About Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Breaking Dawn star, Jackson Rathbone, recently spoke to E! Online about costar, Kristen Stewart, and her shocking appearance on the set of the latest Twilight movie.

He recalls how the makeup was so good that he found himself thinking that Kristen was actually really tired.

"There was one time when I got to set and she had some kind of makeup on to make her look…really tired," revealed Rathbone. "I felt really bad. I was like, 'What happened to her? Is she alright?' She was like, 'Dude, come on. It's makeup.' I was like, 'OK cool, because I was really worried.' Honestly, I was like, she must have had three weekends in Vegas."

But what really got the Twilight star crying was the wedding scene with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. He reveals how it was so hard to wrap their heads around the idea that it was fake.

"We had to keep telling ourselves it was fake," said Rathbone. "We've been watching this relationship develop and even though we're playing the parts and at the end of the day we wash off that white face makeup and peel back the wigs that we're wearing, when we were there at the wedding scene, all of us felt it. She just walked out, everybody was quiet. Your heart would skip a beat, you get kind of teary-eyed."

Sounds like the movie will be sure to please Twihards who have been waiting to see what will surely be the wedding of the year.