If You've Ever Gone Through a Breakup, You'll Definitely Relate to These Memes

Breakups suck.

Point blank, no doubt about it—splitting up with someone you care about is literally the worst. And while we can't make the pain of your breakup disappear, we can at least help you to laugh through the misery.

Keep scrolling for 11 memes you'll definitely relate to if you've ever gone through a breakup.

1. Negotiating passwords is the worst part:


2. They'll realize their mistake eventually… right?


3. 'No really, I'm fine! Don't worry about me':


4. Rebounding isn't quite the effective fix we wanted:


5. Let me think… no:


6. That's odd because you seem exactly the same:


7. Just gonna walk in the other direction and pretend this didn't happen:

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8. 'I'm doing so great':


9. Ugh, the worst feeling:

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10. I have made a terrible error:


11. Wow, it's been a while. You look the same, though:


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